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Do you find it hard to say "sorry" when you know you are wrong?? Why??
Many people find it so difficult to say "sorry" as a means of apology even when they are wrong. If yes or no do you mind sharing the reason?

 Nope, i think it's very easy. I mean everyone can make a mistake, and can learn from mistakes. It would only be polite to say sorry about a mistake you made.

However, it can be difficult if your true intentions were to do someone harms, then it might be difficult, because in the first place you wanted to do something harm, because you think negative about that person.

Then saying sorry afterwards might be a tough call, because it was your plan to do that person harm. There for people whose plan came in public, have a hard time to say sorry. Because they are forced to say sorry, or else the whole world would see that they are evil.

The logic is, only a demon can do something bad with a smile! There for people has to say sorrow in public, but if they had the chance to stay hidden, then they would smile about someone else his pain, and they would never say sorry!

So if it's hard or easy to say sorry depends on the mistake and the true intentions behind the mistake. And when someone doesn't want to make a apology, then the person should ask them self, if they want to have a apology from a person who made a mistake on purpose!

Because for not saying sorry, can also show the true intentions of that person, it does not need to be like that, but there is a possibility that the hate is still there! That anger will block any action to say sorry. There for i never look at words, everyone can say sorry, i look at actions and behavior and they will show the true apology or not! 


I don't find it hard at all to say sorry when I am wrong and I have always been like this. I don't see why not saying sorry when you are wrong. Each and one of us makes mistakes at some point in time and it is natural to be that way. We are not perfect human beings and we are prone to do things wrong sometimes. But we are also conscious human beings that can realize that we have done wrong and apologize for that, share our feelings regarding our mistakes with the ones we did wrong to. Not only that I don't avoid at all saying sorry but I also noticed that whenever I do that in most of the cases people understand me and also help me to repair the situation. When not accepting that you have done something wrong and you made someone suffer is like leaving a wound uncovered and stubbornly not doing anything to heal it. I guess that as well as it is in our human nature to make mistakes it is also to apologize and be sorry for that. It's one of the things that defines us as a specie. 


No,I don't find it hard at all to say am sorry when am wrong,it's the best thing to do.

Even when i know am right I still say am sorry to let peace reign.

There are a lot of people who find it hard to say am sorry when they know they are wrong and I have met some of them and the major reason is pride, being proud.

Some people find it difficult to say sorry to those under them, they think they are superior are can't come low.

And also most people who are wealthy find it difficult to go low to say sorry to those not up to them.

Sorry is a very important word and can save us alot of troubles and problems.



So many times we really find it difficult or do not see the need to say "I AM SORRY" when we are wrong.

Sometimes when we see the need to do so, the ego/pride in us rebels, we become a defensive or reactive person. This attitude has really led our lives to a lot of complications, losing great opportunities and difficulties in our relationships.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said:

"If you're offering your gift at the alter and you remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift in front of the alter. First go and reconcile or make peace with your brother and then come back and offer your gift."

This is coming from Christ to the entire household of faith. But with the kind of heart we have these days which will never say "I AM (SINCERELY) SORRY" be able to heed this great advice? Only few will be willing.

Consequently, many people today have being thrown into the prison of difficulties, frustration, diseases or even death as a result of the inability to say I AM SORRY. Possible reason which could be:

• I'm not not at fault,

• I'm older (why should I say sorry),

• I'd be seen a weak person, etc.

Saul in the Bible is one clear example of this. His defensive life, rather than to say SORRY in repentance caused him the kingdom of Israel, which also sent him to the prison of torments, until his death. The story is in 1Samuel 15:13-34, 16:14.

Obviously, being offensive, defensive and reactive will not help any of us. We have to put on a humble spirit to say I AM SORRY to the other person even when we are not at fault. It makes the Christian life very beautiful and sustains relationships, that is, if we value it.

Once we do it the first and second time it becomes more easy to do it the third and fourth time, until it becomes part of our lives.


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To be honest this is something where my answer could have been very different if it was asked to me few years back. As I was pretty arrogant and I believe those times most of the people goes through that particular time. 

While as of now I am glad that I was able to overcome that particular situation. 

While I believe when you get to see life in a little different way than you get to realize the value of it very deeply and after that being sorry for the things that you did wrong or getting to realize that you have done wrong and saying sorry for that will sure enhance the ability of your social skill and will make you a humble person. 

The person who gets to realize the mistakes when he have done that will allow himself to grow in his life.

While in my case I sure will say sorry if I have made/done  something wrong. I won't hesitate to do so. As we all are in a learning process in our life so in every step of doing something wrong be that it may a decision/relation any other thing learn to say sorry (if you wrong from your end) and try to ignore those mistakes in the future.


We, humans, have different qualities. Some people cannot accept mistakes easily, while others do. To be honest, I find it hard to apologize before even if it's my mistake. I just can't speak it up, and I am shy enough on what I've done. If I'll find the opportunity to apologize, I'll do it without hesitation. Am glad I have been to overcome such and attitude, and has changed.

Other people find it hard to say sorry is because of lack of humility. They cannot accept the fact that they had mistaken, even resorting to blaming othets with their wrong actions.


I do not mind saying sorry if I am wrong. I do not find it hard because i practiced it right from childhood. I grew up with two elder brothers and as usual. we had our fair share of quarrels, misgivings, fights and all. 

I am very much younger to my brothers but even then considered myself an equal and used to give them a hard time and vice versa. That meant my mother and father had to often advice us all against fighting. 

It was difficult to say sorry even if you are wrong because it would hurt the ego and it also meant being teased. 

My dad advised me that reacting to teasing would get me nowhere. It was also a life lesson which would serve me well during my youth. I learned not to react to teasing and slowly, we all outgrew that stage and finally acted like mature kids. 

I do miss those years now. 

However, I learned to say sorry and I mean it.


I have to apologize, because it's the least thing that we can do if we commit mistakes. Is it hard? ABSOLUTELY! There is no easy way to admit a mistake other than accepting that you did wrong.

It's difficult to admit a mistake & apologize because of EGO. For some egotistic person, the thought of saying sorry would mean to them as defeat and they can't swallow the fact that they have to explain themselves about it.

And another thing, for some egotistic people, it's easier to find an excuse instead of apologizing. Why? It's because their ego intervenes and reject the idea that a person committed a mistake and it has to be justified by simply to be forgiven.

Nevertheless, we are mature & civilised beings, to say sorry is the least thing to do when we made mistake. It should be hard if we just let go of our ego.


Personally I have no problem asking for forgiveness if I find myself at fault:

  • A first reason is to do it out of respect for myself. I want to act in a responsible and constructive way. My deeds belong to me and I want to assume them. This is how I will be fully "settled" in myself.
  • A second reason is respect for others. I hurt him; he has a right to respect and that implies that I do him justice by admitting that I have been against him. This admission may be a source of healing for him.
  • A third reason for asking forgiveness is to open a path to reconciliation.

If I am wrong I will apologize as that is good manners. I am big enough to admit when I am wrong. It doesn't happen often but I will say sorry and mean it.

It's easy for someone to say sorry but have no meaning behind it. I would rather not hear an apology if it isn't meant well. It is harder for some people and I don't know if it is pride or arrogance.