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Is there something we can do to get steemit to return the delegation to musing?

At this point in time I'm not sure there's anything that we can do but keep on answering and asking questions on musing. If the higher ups see that without the delegation musing is still moving forward then I think they just might have a rethink. After all, the future of musing was never dependent on the delegation that steemit gave, it was dependent on our engagement on the site.

For now the future is unclear, but what is certain is that with or without the delegation musing is still here and moving forward. With time I think the delegation will be given back to musing, we just have to prove to them that musing is worth getting it back.

If you happen to have a means to talk with the higher ups or maybe even send Dan or Ned a message the maybe you can try that. Give them reasons why the delegation should be given back and we just might wake up one day and see that the delegation has been restored.

I hope this helps.


Personally, I don't think it will be happening, and in reality, from what I've read, Musing isn't interested in just delegation anymore, because the model they had going for earnings was not sustainable. I don't think they were making enough in curation rewards to keep up with expenses or to grow the business. I can't see how, anyway. Not with STEEM values so low. As big as 1 million SP might seem, 10 million might be closer to being enough.

If Musing were to do some kind of posting, so that it had some other means of earnings, that might help. Or if were to go after delegations, do it through a group of users, rather than from Steemit, they could build up delegation. But really, it needs capital, and other than maybe some kind of benefactor system, where users pay a percentage to post like some other dApps take, there's not a whole lot of other funding options available that are built in.