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What do you think of the an "eye for an eye" way of life?

In simple terms, "eye for eye" type of attitude will not do you any good. Infact it will harm you even more. We should rather be helping each other and forgiving people for their mistakes. But that doesn't mean that we will get abused by someone every now and then. Raising your voice against unfair stuff is fine but do hurt the person in order to satisfy your ego. It will not make you happy because revenge is not something that you would want in order to keep yourself sane. 

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The famous saying answers it all--An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.

Such that in the end, it becomes a land off the blind where the one eyed becomes king.

There used to be something in the United States in the past during the 18th century I guess, called the blood feud. It was a way of settling disputes between the frontier family back in the day.

It has a rather genius and funny rendition in Mark Twain' s novel: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In the book there were two families engaged in the blood feud. The Shepards and the Grangerfords. Both affluent families, with good grooming, common sense and enviable wisdom--except, they were not so wise after all.

Something had happened years ago and one of the family members had killed a member of the other family, and then another from that family had killed another one from the first in retaliation. aka an eye for an eye.

So based on the feud rules, from that moment they were all fresh bait for each other. Any member of each family had the right to kill any one from the other family. And so it went on like that, with both families, respectable and rich and supposedly brilliant, killing each other off like flies.

The worst part about it, though, was that the feud was passed down from generation to generation so that the present generation in the book didnt even know what they were killing each other for and yet they all still kept killing each other, down to their little children.

And that is one of the basic stupidity and foolishness that comes with the eye for an eye philosophy, expertly satirize by the wit of Mark Twain.

With an eye an eye for an eye we all keep plucking each others eyes until the madness consumes us and we dont even know why the hell we're doing it in the first place. But we wouldn't be able to stop.

Darkness is a plague that spreads fast. It has no place in the human heart. Once we allow it in it spreads fast and engulfs us. And that is what the philosophy of eye for an eye brings--utter darkness and utter destruction until there's just one or nobody left standing.

In the novel the story finished this way:

A shepardson daughter fell in love with a Grangerford boy. They both eloped and ran away. The feud came to a head and members of both families murdered each other. Including the children.

So much potential gone. Wasted. All because of an eye for an eye.

I suppose the point of it all is that Humanity is capable of so much wisdom. But we're also capable of so much stupidity. And this is especially more prominent when we let our emotions guide us instead of the brain.

It is normal for us to feel the need to strike back after we've been hurt. The urge to revenge and take back from that person the equivalent of what had been taken from us.

But the truth is hurting another person can never cause our own scars to heal. Life isn't programmed in that way. Sometimes the best thing to do is let go and let justice reign. Or leave the person to karma. Either way it goes, one thing is for sure: an eye for an eye is never the solution.

Cheers and have a nice day.


This is one of my favorite lines from great Hammurabi and for me, this statement implies bold claim about we, humans are equally made with equal rights and freedom. Though we are living in this world in an unfairly manner, we must act fair to each other. It is the essence of true justice and not be falsely taken as revenge, though sometimes it contradicts to some man-made laws. But good thing is we are now living in civilized society where everything and everyone has some rules and laws to follow. Laws which implies as same that saying. That everything has their own compensation, for good or for bad.


I think that's a terrible way to live life. It's not every wrong doing that needs to be retaliated, in fact people who live this kind of life are alien to the concept of forgiveness and letting go. Yes it may grant you some level of satisfaction to get back at someone for doing something bad to you, but at the end of the day it doesn't do anything but insight more anger in the other person's heart.

I feel like people who live this kind of life are the saddest kind of people because they cling to everything that's done to them and are constantly waiting to dish out their daily dose of revenge; it's quite sad if you ask me. Letting go of things that have wronged you is a fundamental lesson of life which people who adhere to the "eye for an eye" lifestyle never really learn and as such they never really grow up.

I mean the an eye for an eye thing is something you find amongst children so I don't see any reason why anyone would want to make it a lifestyle. It's toxic and will only breed more hatred between people. There's a reason why the concept of "being a bigger man" exists and that's for people who have this kind of lifestyle and I'm completely against it.

Now I'm not saying that for everything someone does to you, you should turn the other cheek, heavens no, there are times when people need to get a taste of their own medicine and learn not to mess with you, but to make getting back at people for everything they do to you is beyond wrong.

I hope this helps.


In my own opinion, having 'An eye for an eye' kind of attitude is not helpful atall. Having a forgiving spirit is very rewarding as God is happy with us when we forgive those that hurt or wrong us.

Although it can be very difficult to forgive people sometimes, but forgiving them is the best option that we can ever take.

When we have an unforgiving spirit, it does not pay us. We tend to get angry when we recall an incident and also we bear grudges with the ones that hurt us. THIA sometimes could even affect our health physically or psychologically. But if we happen to forgive those who wrong us, we discover that we live a happier life, God is happy with us. And living a happy life can also affect our health mentally, physically and psychologically. Don't fail to forget that there is nothing as helpful and amazing in our lives than when our creator is happy with us.

I do not see what one stands to gain by bearing grudges with others but we stand to gain a lot by forgiving those who trespass against us easily. So I do not see any point of possessing 'An eye for an eye' attitude.


An eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth are statements which signifies the law of retaliation.

According to wikipedia, an eye for an eye  is the principle that a person who has injured another person is to be penalized to a similar degree, and the person inflicting such punishment should be the injured party. 

In the Philippines, we have a statement that means more severe than an eye for an eye. The statement is walay sukod sa balos. If the statement an eye for an eye means that if someone injures you, you can retaliate in the same degree to the person who injures you. However, in walay sukod sa balos if you injure someone, don't expect less as revenge, but more.

Now, for me,  an eye for an eye way of life is a very bad idea. It will not do you any good. As a matter of fact, it will bring you more harm. For example, if you killed someone, that someone's family will retaliate. If you will be killed by any of that someone's family, your family will no retaliate. There is no end to this. This will only advocate hate between the two families and can even affect the next generations.

To counter this principle, the best thing that man should do is to learn how to forgive. Before, when someone do something bad to me, my next step is to plan out a way to retaliate. But on the other hand, I am imagining the consequences of my actions. Until my hatred slowly disappears. Heard of the statement forgive and forget?  Learn to forgive and you will forget what that man has done to you. 

It is not hard to forgive. Let us just ask God for guidance and the grace of forgiveness. If God can forgive, why can't we men? 

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in my opinion, this way of life is sometimes needed, and is not needed. this depends on how the conditions are. I will give an example of why it is not needed. for example, if a child plays football and accidentally kicks a ball and hits my eyes, do I have to reply by kicking the ball and hit his eyes? it's not needed. I can't reply because he accidentally and he is still a child.

and other examples, for example, there are 2 people who rob my house. he tortured the whole family. including me. I was only injured in the arm. Am I just replying to injuring the robber's arm? no, not just the arm that I have to hurt. but I had to hurt him until I made the robber unable to stand up and faint. I must hurt the robber more. because if I don't do it, then the robber will do even more cruelty to my whole family and also me.

But sometimes that is needed. for example someone comes slapping my cheek for no reason. I have to reply. I also had to slap his cheek. that's the reason I say this depends on the conditions. and this is now very little needed. because humans are very bad now. therefore the best, look at the conditions that occur.


 I think it's not the right way of life, keep an eye on someones it's not right. We should just keep an eye on work and focus on it. Well if you try to do in your personal life then you must be going in the wrong way. So always try to focus on yourself, rather than keep eye on someone life.

Well, it's up to you how you can treat your life in the right way. If you choose the wrong way then your life definitely on the wrong path and you are in evil. It's so harmful to your future.

I advise to all peoples who are doing that work, they are destroying yourself day by day, so I all want to say that please don't do this otherwise you'll lose your God gifted life. Life is priceless so we should never do this wrong things. Always try to choose a positive way that will be of a benefit for you.  


If we adopted an "eye for an eye" way of life, pretty soon there would be a lot of blind people around. 


The law of retaliation "eye for eye, tooth for tooth"

for my part, I do not think because we gain nothing by making this evil even if internally it relieves us ... but it does not change the past or even on the contrary it makes us "sick" sick of grudge and malice towards the person concerned, towards others, towards life.

I advocate to let life make its surprises both good and bad because as the saying goes: "everything is paid here low"

So, in one case, there is no cure because what is done is done. You just have to overcome this situation by being psychologically, mentally strong ...

You can even find healing in another case. That of finding peace in your heart and in your soul or even to truly forgive (in your heart) and without thinking back the person concerned ... it is difficult but it remains a challenge to rise to finally move on and not to hurt others who are only innocent.


An "eye for an eye" way of life is simply  a life  of revenge. To me, those who revenge cannot forgive and those who cannot forgive are weaklings. Indeed, as the English proverb says, "two wrongs don't make a right". When we revenge, we also err with our adversary and we both stand on the same side.

One can't use a wrong to correct another, rather,  putting up the opposite will make the difference and beams the light into a dark part.

My take on "an eye for an eye" is a No, now and always.


This law was given in antiquity. Avoid of personal revenge.

The law imposes the appropriate penalty. So the victim could not bring justice to his hands, attacking the aggressor or his family. Instead, the law demanded that the matter be presented to the corresponding authorities, ie judges. In addition, this provision prevents anyone who wishes to attack the safety of others, who is known to suffer the same harm as he did.

This commandment was found three times in the law that was given to the Israelis in ancient times.

"If a witness who plans acts of violence rises against a man who is accused of an uprising ... the judges must scrutinize carefully, and if the witness is a false witness and has falsely charged against his brother, then you have to do as he intended to do to his brother. Therefore you will hear those who will remain and fear, and will not do anything bad like this in your midst. "Your eyes must not be distressed: the soul will be for the soul, the eye for the eye, the teeth for the teeth, the hand in the hand, the feet for the foot. 19: 16-21.

 In Leviticus 24: 17-20 he says: "If a man strikes a murderer of any human spirit, he must be killed without failure ... If a man causes a defect in his partner, then as he did, it must be done for him. The eye for the eye, the teeth for the age, the same kind of blemishes that cause the man, and that is what it should cause him. "

And in Exodus 21: 22-25, she says: "If there are men who fight with one another and truly harm a pregnant woman ... If a fatal accident occurs, you must give the spirit to the spirit, the eye to the eye, the tooth to the tooth, the hand to the foot, Hot red mark of hot red mark, wound to the wound, blow to blow. "

Avoid the law of personal revenge.

The law imposes the appropriate penalty. So the victim could not bring justice to his hands, attacking the aggressor or his family. Instead, the law demanded that the matter be presented to the corresponding authorities, ie judges. In addition, this provision prevents anyone who wishes to attack the safety of others, who is known to suffer the same harm as he did.

Personally, I am governed by the Bible that urges Christians to imitate Jesus Christ, even when they suffer some injustice. In this regard, Jesus himself declared in the Sermon on the Mount: "Continue to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you; that they may prove themselves sons of their Father which is in heaven "(Matthew 5:44, 45).

(I use google translator)


 well first of all we need to know what "an eye for an eye"means,an "eye for an eye" is a kind of principle which believes that a person who has actually injured or hurt another  person is to be actually  penalized in a similar or higher degree, and the person who actually  inflicted  such punishment should really  be the injured party. ......

well based on the little explanation above,i believe that an "eye for an eye"way of life is actually not really bad as long as we humans allow the law to take its own course instead of taking laws into our hands.....

i believe that "an eye for an eye"way of life actually have its pros and cons but the pros is more useful and effective to the society than what the cons does to the society or life of a person so in my own opinion i choose "an eye for an eye"way of life......please note that this is just my own personal opinion..


Nothing. That is the same nonsense as revenge and in particular revenge because someone thinks that another person has inflicted damage to his or her honour. What is honour in the first place someone might ask. Any kind of so called revenge is a bad idea and a breeding ground for more conflict and suffering. One should always keep that in mind.