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What is the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to you?

I have to say that many humiliating things have happened to me, but I will tell you about one that happened to me 10 years ago.

I once made a trip to a camp near the sea. That camp has three beaches, two of them with big waves and cold water. Since I hardly know how to swim, I tried not to get into them. So I just got into the one with the quiet waves. All three beaches were kept full of people, almost all of them young. Like on the third day, I was inside the beach when I felt that the sea got furious and didn't give me time to get out. The waves dragged me and I felt like I was in a blender. I got really scared, but I tried to get to shore. When I got to shore I was so glad I was saved that I didn't realize the water had taken the top off my bikini. When I realized it, I immediately covered myself and ran for a towel. Still, I couldn't stop everyone from seeing my bare breasts. What a great shame! The worst thing was that I still had 3 more days left in the camp and that every time I went to the beach, there was no one to tell me: Beware of the bikini. I think it was one of the worst trips I've ever made and one of my worst humiliations.