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What is prayer?
I want to know more about prayer, it role and effect
What is prayer ? Before we simply ahead and characterize what it is, let us stay upon regarding what it isn't.

Well it isn't something that you perform to accomplish something consequently .

It isn't something which you perform when your requests are meet and forsake it when things go haywire (or the other way around).

It isn't something that you do on the grounds that it recommended in your sacred texts.

It isn't something that you do to hit an arrangement with GOD to screw your opponents life.

It is unquestionably not something that you do just once or rather twice in multi year and disregard it for whatever remains of the year.

It isn't something you perform when you are in desperate need of assistance.

It isn't something that you do as an eyewash before your folks for the purpose that they prevent pestering you from paying your reverence to the Omnipotent.

It's anything but a petition if your psyche is engrossed by some other idea instead of your protest of dedication.

Well then what is a petition ?

Well it is neither an arrangement of confused customs nor a verse of complex verses that are frequently hard to spell. It is strategy to break down your self .

It is somewhat a basic method for cherishing somebody or something that you consider as the best wellspring of creation/maker.

It is a procedure to fill your heart with commitment for your picked divinity to a degree that when you consider on it you overlook yourself.

It is technique to advance yourself from the sentiment of "me" to "we".

It is something when you have enduring dedication and unfaltering confidence on your divinity that regardless of what your question of commitment won't forsake you.

It is a demeanor where you don't lodging over your issues but instead you confront the difficulties of existence with a grin.

It is a demeanor where you play out each undertaking with measure up to pizzazz and eagerness and offer the outcomes to as an offering at HIS/HER lotus feet.

History has been a declaration of numerous such identities who have dedicated every single breath of their life to their god. It isn't that they never experienced desperate conditions in their lives but instead they have endured more than rather you and I would ever envision. There are awesome lovers, for example, Radha, Pandavas, Meerabhai, AkkaMahadevi, Moses, Muhammad,Jesus and numerous such heavenly identities who ran about with their lives with the name of GOD abiding in their lips as they continued experiencing one sad episode after other . All things considered an idea may emerge as to then what's the utilization of commitment when even those staunch aficionados who showed such firm confidence have experienced such deplorable conditions ? For what reason should one commit their opportunity to something about which you could conceivably make certain about in the matter of whether it might yield wanted outcomes to you ? Before we continue with the responses for those inquiries one needs to ask whether GOD needs your supplication ? Does HE/SHE require your adoring consideration ? Is the God-like in a urgent requirement for a plenty of devotees prepared to forfeit themselves exactly at the snap of a finger ?

Well GOD/All-powerful existed even before your reality and will keep on existing notwithstanding when you seize to exist.Well all things considered GOD was never in a urgent need of your petitions nor did it ever want for vast sanctuaries and great structures committed to him.HE/SHE never ached for your shallow commendations.

Well then for what reason should one implore ?

One should go to advise themselves that your reality on this planet isn't lasting and that each minute they should carry on with their existence with eagerness and appreciation.

One ought to remain unperturbed by the tragedies they experience in their lives.

One should petition remain humble and be appreciative for what they have.

One ought to ask with the goal that they figure out how to relate acknowledge individuals for their identity.

One should petition remain persistent and keep up their poise on the substance of most critical conditions.

One should appeal to raise over their hindrances and pick up mettle to make the wisest decision.

One should appeal to fortify their faith in themselves and pick up certainty that regardless of how troublesome an assignment may appear they will accomplish their coveted outcome.

What's more, one ought to supplicate on the grounds that cherishing somebody unequivocally is fairly an astonishing inclination in it self.

So it is possible that you be an average citizen who reviles each snapshot of his/her life for the issues they confront and regurgitate venom on GOD for landing them in a soup or you may be somebody like Meerabhai who was immaculate by the heartbreaking occasions in her lives like a lotus in a bog and purified her life by committing her self in the administration of her cherished GOD and turned into a sparkling case of adoration and dedication.
Its what people do to make themselves feel good about doing something without actually doing anything.
If there is a drought in Africa and people are starving, in churches all over the land, people will pray for Africa.
'Dear god, please help those poor starving people in Africa' they will pray. The, they will go home feeling good about themselves because they just 'helped' the people of Africa by praying...except they didn't help at all, people still died.

What they could have done is sent money for food, or gone out on to the streets collecting donations and arranging fundraising events, but no. Most people wouldn't do that because it takes time and money and real effort.
No, they would just say a quick prayer and then bask in their own self-righteousness.

The worst example I think I ever saw of this is when there was a huge and terrible storm in the Philippines. Thousands were killed and they interviewed one lady on TV who had a lucky escape. The first thing she said was 'I prayed to god and he saved me from death.'
I'm sure all the others prayed too to be sved but weren't. What disgusting selfish arrogance to thank god for yourself whilst not blaming him and forgetting about all those who weren't saved.

The final thing about prayer is that it's also often selfish.
'Please god let me have more money...get well....win the lottery'
Its all about me, me , me.....and surely the bible teaches that selfishness is a bad thing?

Contradictory, no?
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* *Prayer plays an important role in our internal changes, because prayer is the basic center for our important personal change. When we pray, we accept that there is someone who has brightened us all. Someone who has this whole universe has a button.*

* When we pray, we suppress our importance.

When we pray, our minded thoughts go away. Prayers work as healing touches. Prayers give strength to us, because the prayers make us holy.

Detoxification of our body means that it passes through the process of detoxification. With this our body is healthy, holy, cheerful and refreshing. Prayers teach us how we get energy.

Prayers teach us humanity

Prayers organize us.

Prayers give us the power to do anything together. That is why collective prayers are not just religious activities or rituals, they are also called a social movement, a Vasudhaiva clan.

Prayers teach us to trust others.
Prayer does not mean that you should leave the rituals and do the art sitting in the temple, keep playing the bell and in your place, God will go to the examination hall and take the exam or you will complete your other work. Prayer provides inner peace to the person, gives inner strength, enthusiasm, and hope to lead him to action. Prayer destroys frustration and negative feelings by making a person's thoughts and desires positive. By praying, humans never become fatalistic. If this were the case, people of all religions stopped praying or all religions rejected the importance of prayer. The place of karma can not pray, the place of prayer can not take action. If this were the case then the doctor would have done the work before the operation, that he had gone to the operation. The essence of prayer is that the person will have to do the karma, but the action done by him will never fail, he will get great results. The motivation and enthusiasm for that action will be found in prayer. Lord Krishna in the Gita has rendered the same significance of prayer - Karmayeva Rastide Maa Phaleshu Kadachan That is, believe in your karma, not in the desire for fruit. Because whatever you do, you will surely get the reward. So love in your karma, not in fruit. The intention to say here is that the person should have his time, his energy, his concentration and his earning strength and be industrious for the given action, do not frustrate his mind with the wish of the fruit. The action done by doing this is fruitful. Even in Manas, Goswami has said that while expressing the importance of karma, this gross manifestation is the same as the world. No one can be cleaned. Indian culture gives human beings a message of being oriented towards God, but they are not karmas or fortunate. Even this is the same state of astrology: 'Fate changes from karma
Prayer has different meaning in different condition many people prays good for something to have in their life but some people prays for God to feel relax in their life.

Prayer doesn't mean that when we are sitting in exam and we are not writing the answer and God will come to the examination hall and he will complete the answer .other ways pepole always telling that please gave me some money so I can live a healthy life but if you don't do hard work then how God will help you.

Prayer means the meditation we are doing due to prayer we get huge concentration on our success so to became a successful person we should do medaiation and with mediation we should always do a prayer.

Prayer is not only done in a te.ple but it can be done in a hospital,schools etc.

Due to prayer we can get a worshipped from the good and also we get concentration when we are sitting in front of god.prayer means to worshipped to someone who is very younger than us .

So my humble request to you that when you are praying God and good don't help you then fills that God want you to complete the work then only God will became happier.
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