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Where can I buy real love potions?

Love potions are mostly used to make someone fall in love with you. It is sometimes in form of a drink or food or anything such that when consumed by your crush, the person automatically fall in love with you. I actually don't believe in the use of love potions even though most of it are highly spiritual oriented(black magic). I won't really advice you to go buy love potions but I can actually help you with some great tips that can make someone fall in love with you.

I actually don't know the gender of the questioner or anyone reading this but I will try as much as possible to make it more general since we gonna have lots of men and women reading this answer. I suggest the below tips will help you achieve your aims instead of buying love potions.

# LOVE YOURSELF: This is actually the first tip you need to consider before making someone love you. You actually have to love yourself first as this will make you feel more confident and cute such that you won't need approval from anyone to live your life. Always love yourself because there is no other person who can love you so much other than you and you are what you always think of yourself.

# DRESS NICELY: This is actually a very important tip that can actually make people fall in love with you. Most guys fall in love with what they see just like some ladies also fall in love with guys due to what they see and hear. Actually, dressing very nice will help you attract more people and it also makes you look cute which builds up your confidence. It is advisable you always wear neat dresses and dress comfortably and nicely.. Let's see what happens after that 😊.

# YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR: This actually defines some part of your character. Having a very good sense of humor can actually attract your crush towards you. You have to work on yourself if you have a displeasing sense of humor since that won't make you get what you want but a good sense of humor can help you a long way.

# YOUR CHARACTER: The fact is that no responsible person will want to date an irresponsible person. Your character tells a lot about you and it is sometimes more important than your beauty or appearance because "a very good character can make you very beautiful in the sight of other people even though you may look ugly while a very boorish or bad character can make you very ugly in the sight of others even though you may look beautiful". This actually explains the main reason you may see some filthy rich lady or guy falling in love with someone who isn't up to their standards just because of the type of character they possess.

# SPILL IT OUT: The last but not the least is to take that bold step and express your feelings to such person. As a guy, you have to develop confidence and tell her how you actually feel about her. Tell her soft words and make her know that you are actually in love with her. This may take time though but you actually need to get along with her for some time by knowing some little things about her. If she loves you that's okay and if she doesn't want you that's also fine 😊. The fact is that life is all about choice and destiny. If you don't end up getting her, always have it in mind that you have actually lost someone whom you love and she hasn't found someone whom she loves. Always remember love is a mutual feeling and not one sided.

# YOUR LOVE IS COMING: Someone whom actually loves you is also somewhere waiting for the right time to tell you about it. It's just a matter of time to know the real ones and the fake ones. I always have the belief that anything I lost wasn't meant for me and this also applies to someone we maybe in love with. If our crushes don't actually want us in their life, always have the mindset that they weren't meant for you. This implies that you shouldn't start degrading or downgrading yourself just to make people love you. When you love yourself and focus more on developing career, you will actually find someone whom you love and who also loves you in return.

In conclusion, I don't actually believe in the use of love potions just to make someone fall in love with you. I believe in loving myself first and expressing my feelings towards the person I love. If the person loves me that's fine and if the person doesn't then that's her his or her choice 😊.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Love can't be bought anywhere. Love is not bought, it is earned. A person who needs to go to a store or use gadgets to make other people feel attracted to her does not deserve to be loved. When we want to be loved we have behaviors, gestures and feelings that provoke love in the other person.Β 


come to the Philippines,, there is an island here that is specially known for that, Its called Siquijor Β .Β 

Lol, On a side note, i remember back in the days (maybe even now), Β people used to refer to love potions as putting someone in a bottle. Β In the sense that they are in a bottle and you are in charge and will basically be at ur command. they do whichever way Β you wish them too.. which in reality is what actually happens.Β 


I'm not sure if you are trolling or very retarded. (You can never know for sure these days)