Should family love be always unconditional?
People usually talk about loving parents, children and partners unconditionally. Would that imply suporting them in all circumstances, forgiving and even supporting all their tresspassings? Would it imply supporting them and even protecting them in cases of crimes, for instance? Where do we draw the unconditional-love line? Or should we condition our love, even to our family?

 Crime and unethical things to legal matter is/are a different chapter in my honest opinion. As long as the subject of rift and dispute with your family member is related to your social domain, then I think it is absolutely your obligation to take that initiative and always try to make an environment conducive to the spirit of a family.

I am not saying that you will be wrong always, you may be right and you may even realize that the family members in front of you are wrong in some cases, but you have to sort out those rift and disputes without waiting for someone to take that initiative and rather you become that initiative. It is always better to lose a battle if the battle is with your near & dear ones. Also please remember that if you lose that battle then you will grow with your stature and at some point, your family members will realize that and at that time all the pending love will pour upon you by your family members and it is always better that you play that crucial role of bonding all the family members in to a cohesive and composite family. 

Further unconditional love does not keep a record of how many times you have contributed to the well being of the atmosphere in the family, how many times you have taken the initiative, how many times you have said sorry despite of that fact that you were right.....etc. So it is not about counting on those endless initiative &sacrifices, the support extended by you unconditionally but it is all about to keep the greater objective intact which is the family and the foundation of the family begins with unconditional love with your family members and it does not happen with waiting for the other people to start rather it starts with you always no matter who is right or who is wrong(as long as the issues are with your social domain and not related to crime). If it is related to crime, then I do not think it becomes only a matter of family only, rather it becomes multi-dimensional and I think in such a case you role as an individual is limited or restricted.

Thank you and Have a great day. 

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It seems you're confusing unconditional love with unconditional support

Every member of a family deserves that unconditional love. It's the first place where they learn what love truly is. They need to learn that love can overlook ones faults.

That said, not every member deserves unconditional support. They have to earn it by being responsible. If a child decides to become a thief, a parent shouldn't support them. In fact, love would make them speak against the child's act

When you love someone, there are certain lines you'll draw for that person's good. You let the person know how much you love them; and at the same time, what lines you cannot cross.

Love is not a tool for manipulation. That you love someone doesn't mean you must subscribe to everything they do.

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Indeed, except if they have accomplished something which demonstrates them to be unworthy of love. I wouldn't feel remorseful about not loving a close relative genuinely if that individual had beaten or attacked me.

All things considered, unconditional love doesn't mean unqualified acknowledgment or unlimited enduring of conduct. I love my sister beyond all doubt and on the off chance that she at any point required a kidney I would give her one undeniably, yet her conduct makes me insane once in a while.

Now and then the most ideal approach to demonstrate your love is to challenge the ruinous or foolish conduct of your loved one(s). It doesn't mean you don't love them, it just means you aren't a doormat.


There are a lot of red lines here when it comes to unconditional love. When a member of your family hurts you violently, abuses you physically and psychologically, abuses your trust to a great extent then it is absolutely legit to stop love them and this is true for all members of the family, be it parents, siblings, children. You do not have to take and forgive everything a persons does to you, not even if it is your family.


I do believe that you cannot stop loving your family no matter what. They are your blood and you can never walk away from that. I love my family no matter what and that is the way I believe it should always be.

If they commit crimes and do cowardly things then they must pay the price. it depends on what and why these things were committed and how severe they were. They are still your blood but I think a line has to be drawn in some cases. 

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Yes, it is true. someone must love his family. especially to his parents. but if parents do acts that are prohibited by God, they may not be followed and protected. for example, parents tell their children to steal. stealing is forbidden by God, so children cannot follow their parents. but besides that it is not prohibited by God, the child must fully follow. for example, parents tell their children to wear blue clothes. and her child doesn't like wearing blue clothes. but blue clothes are not prohibited by God, so their children must follow.