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What would have to happen for a society convinced that every body is corrupt to be changed into one that practice honesty as the best policy?

This will definitely mean that a society would have to change its mindset however mindsets are not changed very easily in my country we have a conception that government is very corrupt and even in a democratical setting we still believe that everybody vying for a political seat is virtually corrupt however I think one way to change the concept of a society that feels that their government , everybody and even the citizens all corrupt is to experience an overhaul in government that he is the past and present political rulers must never come back for a political seat again in fact the whole democratical system will definitely be overhauled so that new faces , concepts and new constitutional rules, bills are passed in order to punish offenders when they go against the rule of law.

The reason why people do not believe in themselves or have a mind set that people are corrupt is because it starts from the government by the time the government decides to change hands you will notice an overflow of honesty that will actually affect people and their mentality and the public opinion of people will definitely start changing gradually , however since it is almost impossible to overhaul the whole democratic rulership system it will be almost impossible for people to practice honesty because the system at the top is still corrupt so where will the honesty flow from?

People are easily convinced and easily swayed by an action of goodwill so they will need an inspiration in order to practice honesty the major reason why people are corrupt is because corruption seems the only way in order to survive in a corrupt country so change can only be brought from the spear head and without change at the head of government people will still keep being corrupt

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In such a society, the National house has to see that it passes a bill in view of implementing a law stating that any citizen caught involving in an act of corruption should be penalized. If atall there was such a law previously, the punishment for the offence should be either doubled or tripled.

Such a society also needs a God-fearing man/woman as a president. A president who will make sure he/she doesn't spare any person who is a corrupt citizen. When people notice that most of their friends have been arrested because of criminal acts or corrupt practices, they will definitely abstain.

It takes God's Mercy for people to live a honest life. So I think also if the Federal Governments talks to the preachers in a particular country to try and preach much about Honesty, it could help change some people.

The leaders are the ones the masses are watching, so I think that such change has to start from them first. Most corrupt leaders in the seat of power only involve in corrupt practices because they noticed it has been going on for a while and nothing happened.

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@Hlezama, It would be great if everybody will follow the path of the Honesty. But in my opinion it's not possible because there are many corrupted minds and they will going to spread more. And i think that everything is predestined to fulfill the greater reality.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂