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In what contexts can parents be blamed for their children's failures or take credit for their success?

Upbringing  plays a really huge role in deciding the character and personality of an individual. 

It is the formative years which decide and shape the future of a person. 

For example, if a child is brought up by parents or guardians who are strict disciplinarians, then the child will grow up in a military type environment and also tend to influence others with that mindset. 

If a person is brought up by parents who are very lenient, the children will be very open minded and will mingle easily with others. 

Why I am stating all this is because it plays a huge role in either success or failure of the child. 

I have observed my cousin who was always scolded and ordered about by my uncle. in his growing up years, he was always ridiculed by his own dad and siblings. He was not able to perform well in his studies due to lack of confidence and hence dropped off. 

He did start a small business and married a kind girl, thankfully but I always think about how his life would have been had he not been treated badly by his own family. to an extent, he was not able to be a success because of this factor. 

A parent should never compare a child with other children. 

A parent should never ridicule the child. 

The children should not be blamed for every single mistake or setback by the elders. 

Every day is a new start, so never discourage children from doing what they like and  last but not the least do not decide what the child wants to do. 

Many parents in my country decide that their children should opt for either engineering or medicine. They never ask the child what they want to study and if suppose the child says, photography or art, then all hell is let loose. As a result, the number of unemployed professionals is increasing by the day. 

The child should be given a certain amount of freedom to choose what they want to be. let them choose and follow their passion and they will be successful if they follow it wholeheartedly. 


This question is related to me. Why? Because i am a broken home person.

The contexts that parents should be blame for their children's failures is :

1. The parents thats not thinking about the education children. The most important in this world is education. we Know that Knowledge is a power. If the the child is fail in their life. We need to know that the parents give to him a good education or not? As a parents you need to thinking about where he should learn, And you need to know what the ability he can do. For the example : If he good in music, you need to give the direction to music. give him a education music. If he good in math, just give him more education in math

2. The parents should give child daily expenses. If you are a good parents you need to think about the clothes of child, the food of child and the money if their sick. This one is important, 

3. The parents should teach the morality, Not just education, But the morality is something important than education, if the parents not teach about the morality your child will be a Cleaver person that will do a corruption.

I am a broken home, and i feel my parents especially my father is a bad father ever, he even not thinking about 3 point that i explain above.


What a question! Let's take it this way we all want to claim the success, even if the contribution to the success is minute. I guess it is human nature, we all want to claim success, most will not admit readily to failure.

Parents can only take credit for their children's successes only if they provide enabling environment for them to succeed and prepare them mentally, emotionally, educationally etc for the future challenges. Parents that failed to do this can not fully take credit for their children's successes.

Of course, if the children succeeded without this proper parental guidances and supports, most parents would definitely want to take the credit knowing deep down that the children found the way to success on their own.

There are also children with the right support and education that failed to make use of them. This is often hard on the parents and hard for them to take. They can only take solace in the

in that fact they did their duty well.

Parents can only do their 'duty', whether someone becomes a success or failure has a lot to do with their own personality and temperament.

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I would like to point out that a person's success or failure is being influenced by quite a number of factors and could be categorized by: mental, emotional, psychological, sociological, and son on. In those mentioned factors, all parents should take part on those factors on the upbringing of the child.

It should all start on the parents upbringing for a child. A happy and genuinely loved child will develop an optimistic attitude towards life. And it's really important for the child's emotional & intellectual growth, EQ is equally important as IQ.

With good upbringing, a child will likely develop a yearning for knowledge and will be motivated to interact to others. At this stage, a child's confidence in facing adversaries will come out naturally. A child will have a much clearer view on things that are good and the things that aren't necessarily good. At this time, a child would likely develop a robustness when it comes to his/her decision making, which is really important for the child's growth.

A child's confidence is a key quality towards his/her success in life. It's a parent's role to discern a child's strength and weaknesses since it isn't something that a child would express. The parents should put an effort on the encouragement of a child in facing the challenges and difficulties in life.  

One's strength in standing up after a every failure should be taught at the early days of a child, and the parents should be on it together with the child.


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Well, I think in some ways the answer to that question is true and also it can be false. It is true to some age that the child can be. From maybe age 1 to age 15, then everything that is guided by parents would usually lead to shaping the child's future and whether if the child is going to succeed? If one day the child reaches adulthood. Parents are not really responsible for any of the child's sucess or failure. The point when the child can think for the self is the time in which the child has to take his/ her responsibility into his/her own hands.

Early childhood development correlates with the parents of the child and their development.