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Is it ok to attack standup comedians for making fun of issues some people may consider too sensitive? Is there a line with humor that comedians should be careful not to cross? Would we be ruining humor if every group imposes their undoable topic?

It is not okay to attack stand-up comedians because being humorous is their job, and I don't think humor can harm people no matter how offensive it may seem. They are comedians and turning serious or sensitive issues into humour is what they do best, however I do believe that there are some airline that comedians should not cross and anybody who is a trained and censored comedian should know that there are specific things that they should not talk about and one of these things is actually child pornography or sex where the audience is rated general for everybody.

I do believe that comedians knows when not to cross a line and the specific matter which I have stated above is one of those lines they must not cross however as much as they use other matters to make fun and crack jokes the must also censor the way they talk especially if they are criticizing someone they must do it in such a way that it mustn't be too insultive rather they must bring out the humorous aspect even if it seems like the joke is an insult to a person.

Some people actually think that stand up comedians should not cross a line and I actually agree however it is not necessary to actually tackle them or attack them verbally because they used a particular issue or matter to crack joke on stage the truth is that I do believe that comedians have council organisation where they actually select what to make jokes on and what they cannot make jokes about but even me as a person I do believe that it is always best to bring out humour even in the most difficult and most serious of situations. As much as I do not like comedians talking about sex in a show that has children I also believe that these matters are sensitive but must actually be talked about but when you talk about crossing a line I do believe that comedians must not cross certain lines when it comes to making jokes but it is definitely wrong for people to abuse or attack them verbally


If you do not like a comedians humour. You get up and walk out. That's it.

To do anything more than this is merely to bring possibly needed drama to a situation which can resolve itself by walking out. If you go somewhere to listen to music and you do not like the music being played, you will leave and go to somewhere else that is playing the music you like, The same thing goes for the joke you hear.

Getting offended by a joke is not the joke teller's fault. the one who gets offended is the only one who can change that. They can take things personal or offensive. They themselves must get over this. No one can get over this for any one else, we must be able to rise above things that serve no purpose to pursue. Otherwise we invite everyone to offend us and live in fear of getting offended.

Humour is humour and should be taken that way, If you cannot laugh at a misfortune. If you cannot handle your religion being mocked. If you feel everything said should be politically correct. Then they should not be at a comedy show.


Humor is subjective as our own belief system. If you go to a comedy bar and be offended with the comedian's humor, then it's your choice to make a drama out of it. Humor becomes inappropriate when the context of the situation does not call for it. Like telling jokes in a funeral when everyone is grieving. It's context of the situation that can help you decide whether you should be offended or not. If you go to a comedy bar, you expect that you would hear jokes that may or may not be funny but that's the purpose why that establishment exists. Some people may love the sense of humor and some don't, it's preference. 


Attacking a comedian for making a joke out of certain issue is unreasonable to me. That's their job. They look for issues regardless of how touchy such issue may seem to some people and try to make it humorous. Look, it's not easy to make people laugh! We should be giving those comedians kudos for being able to make a serious situation look stupid or funny and make us laugh in the process: very few people can do that. So we should let them be, instead of criticising them for speaking on certain issues we think is a no go area. As far as comedy is concerned , there is no no go area, so if you can't take the heat, please exit the room


I believe that every professional comedian would know when to draw the line between humour and inhumane......

for example,Creating humour around senstivive issues like RAPE and domestic violence should never be condoned by anyone in the society and i believe every sane professional comedian would not make jokes about some certain sensitive issues which could trigger depression instead of the humour to cure the depression....

Because we are a comedian should not make us become inhumane or become insensitive just because we want to make people laugh,we cn make people laugh without being inhumane and joking about some certain societal problems that is ruining the lives of many.......