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What would you have to change to make your partner/spouse really happy?
Even though love relationships are founded on the idea that true love must be unconditional, given withour expecting anything in return, respecting differences, etc., sooner or later there will be something your spouse or partner will tell you s/he wishes you'd change. What is that aspect of your personality that somehow disturbs your relationship and does not allow your partner to be 100% happy.

There is no perfect example of a perfect relationship in fact the flaws and the mistakes is what actually defines relationships. This is 100% my opinion I may actually be wrong but I think one of the thing which is universally often true about what partners want their partner to change is giving them total commitment this entails giving them full attention in all ramification, loving them exceptionally putting them above their job first and making them priority in their scale of preference in all situations.

I am definitely not married, i may never be, porting the relationships that I have been in the past one of the aspect of my life that my partner used to be sceptical about is the fact that as the relationship grows one day I may deem the love we share no longer worthwhile or plausible that is to say i'm a plainly fall out of love and the relationship might just end after we must have spent so much time building it naturally needs and even planning to take it further to another stage which may eventually lead to futuristic commitment. So the uncertainty of fidelity relationships which I had was the reason why my partner was not always 100% happy and is always saddened about.

So if I am to go into relationship again I don't think promising undying and eternal love is just enough I would love to promise something better and that is the certainty of fidelity. Sometimes women wants to know if they are part of your plans for the future and if they get this proof that is when the unconditional love can step because since they have been ascertained of a good future with you then I think the relationship will last any test that comes it will, so this is my experience and I want to use it on you the better relationship


For me, it is "listening" skill. I tended to do things based on my own instinct, in which that may hurt my girlfriend because I did not listen to her carefully. 

When she had some problem, I tried to find a solution, without the fact that she just needed someone to listen and share only. 

After some discussion, we have known more about each other, and our relationship have improved significantly after that.

To all Steemians who are reading my answers, please be understanding and sharable person to your spouse/ partner. This is the must-have skill for strengthening any relationship.


The main purpose of marriage is to seek happiness. That's why you and your partner must work on each other's happiness. One way is to do romantic things to keep the fire of love together.

You must understand that women in general are parties who always want to be pampered and cared for. But don't forget also if the husband sometimes also hopes for the same thing.

It's not a difficult thing to pamper a husband, for example by doing simple things but can make marriage life always intimate and harmonious.

For you (women), you can make your husband happy by cooking because someone says the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Indulge your partner's / husband's tongue with homemade dishes. Even though you are not good at cooking, he will appreciate your efforts as a form of great attention.

In addition, you can also give gifts to your partner. Giving gifts can be done by women to make their husbands happy, and can also be done by men to make their wives happy. Who doesn't like to accept gifts? You do not need to wait for important moments such as birthdays, because the gifts given according to their needs will make them feel the most cared for.

Gifts also don't have to be in the form of store-bought items, you can also make poems that express love or make photo albums that contain your favorite photos (photo of you and wife).

As a woman, you must know that men are famous for their detail and details for every little thing, so that they will be happy if you can also remember the little things that they have told or done together. That way he will know that you understand him well.

You can also plan to eat together. It does not have to always eat dinner together at a fancy restaurant, you can make an appointment to have lunch together in a cafe near the office because it can be an encouragement for him. Don't forget to dress up a little to show that a date is very important to you as well as during a courtship.

Women also have to know, Men are creatures who like to be praised too. Occasionally praise your partner sincerely in front of other people when your partner is also near you. This will show you are proud of him.

There are many ways you can do to make your partner happy, for example giving a light hug and kiss before leaving for office, preparing yourself to be a good listener, or always being honest with your partner.

One more very important and most effective way to make your woman / wife happy. You as a man must understand the desires and desires of your wife in making love. You must know that a woman's great happiness is when making love (having husband and wife sex). Where women are generally very difficult to reach orgasm, then you as a husband may not want to win alone and be satisfied themselves, you must be able to give your partner satisfaction until he reaches orgasm. This one, many are ignored by men.

If you are able to give this one happiness to your woman / wife, I can guarantee a harmonious household even though your financial income is reduced, it will not be a problem.



Sincerely based on personal communication with my partner I have realized that my partner feels I am not caring enough and that I act like my partner is not really important in my life..

So obviously what I would love to change in other to make my partner happy is that I would have to change my bad habit which is not caring for my partner..

,so that means I would make sure i start showing enough care and affection to my partner and I am sure that will make my partner happy...