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Do you agree with documenting our children's growth (photos and videos) and saving all their documents and drawings, for instance, or do you see that as an invasion of the children's privacy or a fixation on the parents' part?

As a parent, I see nothing wrong with documenting our children's life and preserving it for future share. I do not see any kind of invasion of the kids privacy, there is no room for that if we preserved it right way.

I have seen many people share every single little thing on the internet related to their children and some are not proper to show in front of other people. Like people also share bathing videos and so on the internet.  Which I think, you can count as an  invasion of privacy. When they grow older and see those things they may not like it.

Over doing anything is not good, that's what I believe. People often feel obsessed about their kids every single activities and often carry miss-concept about their child's growth and mental development. In this way what you are saying 'fixation' comes. But I think it should not e generalized.

Documenting is good, it can give the child the feeling of being valued, and they can see their memories which they can't if we do not document that. But the question is putting every thing on internet and sharing it with public may not be always appropriate. As a parent, we have to think wisely about the future consequences of our action.

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I don't really see anything bad in documenting our children growth with the use of photos or videos because it makes them feel happy whenever they check on those pictures or videos since it will add more to their memories and make them remember some great moments during those times.

There are sometimes I will just feel like checking on my past memories despite the fact I am now fully grown. I do notice that it makes me remember some great events and memories which will always make me happy and I don't wish to forget them. I even love to check on those documents anytime I feel sad sometimes because it helps me neutralizes my sadness into happy moments.

In conclusion, I don't really see anything bad in it because it will make the children know a little bit more about how they spent their early lives.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I was in a FB discussion with an old highschool friend on this very topic recently.. In his case, it was more about documenting it all and sharing it via the internet.

I am of two minds on it, to be honest. On the one hand, I think you can and should have free access to information, if you want it. Over time, we will live in a world where people will share more, and have less inhibitions towards what are now still considered the 'personal' parts of life..

On the other hand, I think people have a right to privacy. And I come from the time on the internet when you used an alias for an email, and never shared personal information online..

Now, add in the complexity of children, the fact that we live in a society where vulnerable member of our communities can be preyed upon,. And then the whole issue of, as you mention, invasion of the their privacy by their parents fixations.. While children can be seen as extensions of yourself, they are individuals as well..

So I tend to land on the cautious side of all his, and myself would share little, and monitor what access they had available.. However, once they came of age, their decisions are their own, and as they grow, would invite their opinions on the matter.

Caveat: I do not at present have kids but have helped raise my 3 younger siblings (they were younger by enough of an age gap that I was a young adult when I helped raise them).