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What writers have influenced you possitively to the point that you would recommend anybody to read their work?

This is definitely going to be Nigeria's  playwright, poet and prose writer Professor NIYI OSUNDARE I first came in contact with his work titled "the song of a nigerian driver" it was a satirical poem that uses irony, satire and antithesis in order to publicly laugh at the speed at which nigerian drivers employ on the main road whenever they are driving at first you will think it is an adulation or an ode but again the poem embraces a powerful use of satire in order to mock the Nigerian driver, telling him how speed can kill a man.

I was completely taken away by the beauty of this poetic piece of work it was the first time I had loved the work of a poet so much that I decided to research other works that he has done previously in the past and I found out that the man is a walking pen, i'm a poet myself and I'm always sceptical about the work of other poetic writers too because they do not easily fascinate me or they are too banal or too mundane for my liking lacking necessary ingredients but when I saw the work of this man I fell in love with it.

I saw one of his collection of anthology and I decided to read it the anthology is titled "THE WORD IS AN EGG" of course it is a collection of different poems and I found out that this man utilizes a certain kind of literary device which was humour and his excessive love of irony in all his work he basically loves writing free verse and blank verses as well and sometimes when I look at the work he has in his anthologies I find out that he does not follow the rule of stanzas and verses but actually delivers his subject matter and theme with aplomb before the end of the verse which makes him one of the masters of poetry that I have ever seen so he influences me as a writer and I will gladly recommend recommend him to anybody.

NIYI OSUNDARE is what you call a complete embodiment of art because he has all the essential ingredients and rudiments that makes up either a prose, poetry and drama and in my opinion we recommend him to anybody to see his work he has received so many award worldwide and he is celebrated as a poetic icon one of the best in Nigeria and in the world so I would recommend him to you

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Anything that is related to science or something of a subjective analysis of the circumstances which could be of any aspect or of any domain of life.

I think the influence can be intensified when the write up will have that clarity and the writer has depth knowledge of the subject matter and then only a writer can be able to deliver in his/her write up. 

Further when a write up is relevantly added with illustration with clear understandable English for a common man(if not ornamental), then it gives a proper way of presentation to a post/article and that sort of write up I like the most and I think in a broader sense that catches many eyes and that is what the influence is.

Whenever the write up is primarily written with an aim to focus on the subject matter and with a particular dimension to address the issues then it looks to be quite composed with the presentation and the participation in such articles again look more enhanced than any other article. On the other hand when the article is written in a hurry and where the primary aim is something else apart from writing the article then we can call it a commercial article or something that can not be focused as a subjective article of any issue or subject and this kind of articles are quick and has a certain different primary approach and writing that article was just a means to achieve that primary approach. Such articles can not be attributed as "read their work", no matter how good the presentation is.

Therefore in a nutshell, articles giving emphasis on the subject matter brings the best of a writer and such articles definitely influences the mass as well as the good followers and readers and the pure basics of a discussion based concept is always there with such writers and their articles.

Thank you and Have a great day.


I passed through a hard life and become in this position, not in terms of financial crisis but in terms of phycohlogical issues. So any motivational writing, life story, positive writing, life related article attract me. Those type of writing have a special place in my heart.

I search through the web for there type of writing and found some of them very influencial. I used to read their article or books when I got time.

But here in musing I can say one name who influences me most to think and observe the world differently. I start to change certain types of view to help grow my thought.

It is @chbartist. You can go through his blog and see the positive writing. Those writing helps me understand myself closely, help me to change some of my way of thinking, help me to develop my inner me and help me to see the world differently.

So I really want to recommend others to read his blog if you want to feel the same what I have felt. You may found different kind of writing but these type of writing would help you to grow your inner self and surely motivate you to do better in life.