Given the current state of affairs globally, What kind of future do you think humanity is constructing?

To be optimistic for the future seems insane to me!

I imagine that in the short term, there will be a petroleum crisis, and a big recession, say a global inflation that will do a lot of harm to the industrialized countries accustomed to a certain standard of living, and completely dependent on oil, plus the consequences of Greenhouse gases .. Let's say that in the short term, we risk going down from our foot of estal, and realize our technological absurdity; we will hate aeronautics, cars, industrialization ... I imagine that crafts, horses and wagons, the return of populations in rural areas will have a future. Let's say the need .. We will violently prohibit any pollution ... We will fight not for oil, but for food. Let's even say that we could take cognizance of our loss, our inability to manage a natural heritage before the disaster; but hey, it does not seem to be drawing. After the energy war that stifles a major debate for the future of humanity and the planet, nature will make the same household, population decline, climate catastrophe, the age of reason if it must exist (this in what I strongly doubt) will not happen before the violent consequences of our absurdities, but unfortunately afterwards. We are going to take a big slap, that's for sure, considering the logic of the economy to the growth of production and its link with the release of greenhouse gases. A circle rather viscous and inexorable. Certainly our nature consciousness will change in the short term. In short, we live in a space of heresy, that the generations of the future are certainly fighting more violently than we are today, it is only here that I see a certain positivism for the future. If we have a future.

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Hello my friend it's nice to see you here , I think you can approach this question from various perspectives and difference projectory as well that is you can approach it from a science, art or even a psychological angle in my opinion I think approach it psychologically from a constructive angle I think the human being is constructing a much easier word where everything can be fast, precise without wasting of time , for example if we look at the past we would see that things like technology is increasing these days people can almost do things without even moving a muscle you can order the taxi, attend a meeting or even do bank transactions just sitting in the comfort of your house so I think human being is basically constructing an easier world where one can accomplish more by doing less.

At the end it all boils down to what science and technology can do so I think globally the humans, the world and its government as striving hard to construct a world where people can get to live longer, live safer and even lives smarter, so we are heading towards a future where almost everything will be possible, this means that man does not want to have limitations which can hinder them, we already see a lot of imperfections in the life we are currently living so the human beings globally I trying to create a perfect world where people can easily interact, move freely and associates even without seeing each other face to face, this also means that human beings are striving more to build artificial interaction we can already see this through the use of the social media however I think in the future we will see more examples of perfect artificial interactions where people can even become friends without even seeing each other till they die.

So in essence human beings will build the world or are striving to construct a world where their previous mistakes will not count , however I also think in this process the human being will exceed their expectations this can be harmful or disk can be justifiable whatever way it is I really do not know however the main points of my answer here is that a human being are striving to build a better world no matter the means so I think they mean no harm, but I think this generation cannot even imagine what the coming generation we achieve or hope to achieve we can't even begin to imagine

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It's clear the kind of future this is when you look at the current state of relations on the international scene.

There's hardly any region in the world that has not seen strife amongst nations. There's a constant tussle for influence, control and power.

Every nation is striving to not be a push over by the other nations. Everyone seems to be driving development not necessarily because they want to improve the life of their country men but because they want to be able to threaten the next door neighbor. A good example is North Korea.

In other cases, nations like China who were once inferior in almost every way to the US at the end of WWII. Who the US had to come to it's aid during the second world war against the Japanese, are now able to confront the US.

This is largely because they are constantly building and positioning themselves to be able to challenge the US.

This pattern is what we see in various nations. Like the constant border conflict between Pakistan and India. Every country is positioning itself to be a force to reckon with.

With this picture in mind, we can therefore say that the future is not very promising for the world because we are really just preparing ourselves for the next confrontation. Only time will tell to what extent the next will be.