Do you perform special acts of generosity around this time of the year? Anything in mind for this one?

As per my opinion, it is fine to be generous at any time of the year and not specifically during this time. You are asking because Christmas and new year is approaching, maybe?

I am not a Christian but a Hindu and we generally do not celebrate Christmas but love to see all the wonderful sights around town and also experience the joy of the season. I have once attended the midnight mass and it was so magical. I will never forget the feeling. 

(santas in our local mall)

As for being generous, I do my best to help others. Recently, we helped give groceries and  clothes to the people affected by the flood. I also got donated clothes from a friend of mine in Punjab and gave it to the poor and to the orphanage. 

The temples near us have a 'feed the hungry program' and it is conducted once per month. We give the money for one such month, yearly. We also donate money for feeding homeless. 

Steem is a great tool where donation is concerned. After joining steemit, I have contributed steem for various causes and will continue to do so and hope that the Steemit site will continue to flourish so that it helps millions across the world. 

Back to Christmas

We buy cakes(I do hope to buy an oven and learn to bake one day) and give it to both nurses and doctors, every year. This year is no different.

image source - https://feedthehungry.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/BannerMay2016.jpg, pixabay and self

For those who wish to make a donation - https://thehungersite.greatergood.com/clicktogive/ths/home


Just to be clear, I perform generosity acts at different times not only during this time of the year. A true generous person is not one that is only generous during some particular time or period but doing so all the time.

As to the question, I have something in mind that i have been planning to do for a while now. I finally decided to hit it this december. I am planning to follow my elder sister to visit a local orphanage in the area. I have visited the orphanage two times already this year but when she talked of visiting them this december, i decided to join her to pay a visit to the kids again. I can never grow tired of seeing th or spending time with them so to be honest, i was pretty happy when she brought up the idea.

I am also planning to stir my philanthropic group of youths in our community that strives to helping others in need around us. The community is called GLOW Com and we usually pay visits to identified people in need and we do something for them. This time around, I have picked this old man that is a beggar by the streets. He walks on crutches and one day when i dropped something into his pan, i was reading the placker that had his short unfortunate story of how he became crippled. He saw my interest in reading about his story, so we got talking and he shared his story with me. He was a man who worked very hard to meet ends meet by digging up wells for his customers.

One day, at work, he slipped and fell and became crippled. He had no one to cater for h, he was abandoned and since then he has been begging to survive. His story touched me really and i had presented his case to the group. This december, we will pay him a surprized visit and we are planning to get maybe clothes,shoes, some food materials and maybe some cash to to help attend to his basic needs. I really hope we can conjure up good finances so that we really do something very impacting in his life.

This is what i am planning to do this december..


@Hlezama, In my opinion, generosity and kindness is naturally comes most of the times and when we do it naturally then it gives us tremendous amount of peace and in my opinion when we receive the peace, it makes our life fulfilled.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂