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Do you think that children in your culture are watching pornography at an earlier age now, given the almost unlimited access they may have to devices with internet capability and all the stimuli the media is throwing at them ?
Children in our elementary schools are starting to talk about sex and sex-related topics in ways we used to see quite later in life. Sexting and sharing nudes have become a trend for some demographic groups and the age at which they engage in these practices seem to shrink every day.

I was already an adult when having access to the internet became mainstream, and people start having smartphones. 

Not to say it didn't exist. 

But people my age, growing up more likely were using internet cafe service and dream about having a blackberry while using an already aged desk top rather than bitching about having to use their iphone 6S for one year longer before getting iphone X on the launch date and grow up having unlimited access to internet and mobile devices.

The primary problem I am seeing, is that the parent generation had 20 years to grow up into the internet age, and their own parents did not face the parenting trap of the internet.

Like, parental control on TV was already a thing for years, but they never had to do anything about the computer and internet. 

Overall, there was more danger out in the street than on the computer playing games.

Now, that the access is taken for granted and we don't know about some dangers you can come across, it is true that young children can become victims online.

I have been chatting up people online as early as at the age of 14.

Obviously, we didn't have digital camera on us 24/7 back then.

But if we did, I am pretty sure there would be many many pictures going around.

I'm too old and normal to send my junk to random people online, but at the age of 14? With the access we have now? Hell yeah.

Obviously, everybody grows at their own pace.

But I do remember that I already have viewed pornographic materials at a very young age.

Because children are curious, and what's better to explore than a taboo subjects?

Today, my elder brother's daughter age 12 labels herself as a "furry", and I'm like, "dude, wtf".

Told my brother to google it and be cautious, but not flip out about it. 

Because kids gonna kids.

To forbid it only will make them want it more.


This is true, If the internet is not restricted, usually pornography comes up as a pop up which leads to a link. It is somewhat embedded in or songs, media, movies and many more. The children these days are exposed to more inappropriate form of media at ease. 5g would make it really easy to download obscene content. There are also many different types of apps that have obscene contents. 

It is important for parents to monitor their children internet use. Usually now parents are too busy to even care about what their children do on the internet. It is easier to just buy a tablet and pass it on the kids and it usually takes a short time for them to learn something that shouldn't be by these kids. 

It is also a norm nowadays for kids to share nudes and have some texting and all these are influence by maybe the music video. Sometimes, I hear these really young kids singing to songs that have really obscene lyrics and they are not shy to show out what they know. Many of the parents nowadays either who have divorced and have re married have their kids who have problems. 

I guess, in the new generation , this is something very easy to access. The only way for this to stop and would lead to some reduction would be if the government just somewhat banned these sites. 


Yes. The ubiquity of mobile devices means that children are exposed to porn earlier than ever. I haven't noticed kids to be talking about sex particularly often or in a manner that I'd find disturbing. Children have always been curious about sex. Perhaps the onslaught of sexual imagery even desensitizes them to some degree. 

I think sexting and sharing nudes is something that won't happen too much in primary school, yet. That's more common in middle school. But, interestingly, there has been a trend in the developed world for teenagers to be less interested in sex in recent years. In middle school in particular and upper secondary school, having boyfriends and girlfriends is considered somewhat low class. It seems that a certain type of middle class ethos has proliferated in society where kids are supposed to do well in school and not make the opposite sex a priority at an early age. So, sex - or at least dating - is down and drinking even more so. Smoking is almost out. Cigarettes are considered something for losers only. From what I've heard experts on youth say is that, the young generation tends to be more conservative than their parents these days.


In fact, I don't only think so but I know so. Children have unlimited access to pornographic materials these days due to the unlimited and almost uncontrolled access they have to the internet and the media as a whole. You hardly watch a movie these days without sex scenes. Censoring nowadays is highly ignored and these children have these things right there at their disposal to watch. You hardly find parents nowadays who control what their children watch on TV or what they do on the internet.

The internet has become open grounds to all and most kids nowadays have gadjets at their young ages through which they can access the internet anytime, anywhere. This has made it repeatedly even more difficult to keep an eye on what they do on the internet. The truth is, Children right in elementary school already know about sex. At about 15years, the average American teen must have had sex.

This is all promoted by the temptations and exposure they get from social media, TV, internet etc. The internet has its benefits for sure but then, one cannot ignore the exposure to pornographic material, it gives our children.


Yes a lot. They are watching pornograhy at this earlier stage or let me say age of their life which is really dangerous to both their physical and spiritual life's.

Pornography is not even meant to be watch. Even it is not even meant to be watch by adults not to alk talk of little children's who are still very young. That is why there are many cases of masturbation and spiritual wife's and husbands which is really destroy both their physical life, their marital lives, their academics life's and even their spiritual life's.

What I can only suggest is that if a public enlightenment is made for the children so that they should be more aware about the danger in it, it can Aldo help to reduce the rate at which the nude and sexieat stuff is been high among children.



Yeah many children in our society are now watching pornography even at a very early age and it is beginning to cause damage to our society especially in regards to moral decadence.....

Sincerely the easy access to the internet has really made alot of children to have access to pornography websites which contains pornographic movies and other materials....

Also the media is not helping matters at all,there are some movies or cartoons that children watch on tv and those contents are just another form of soft pornography.....

I believe that there should be a strict regulations on the minimum age of an individual that will have access to the internet...

There should also be a strictier laws concerning censorship...