If you had millions to give, what projects would you support?
Sometimes we see in the news that this or that project that might have saved millions was not completed for lack of funds; that this or that project or program was interrupted for lack of sponsors and sometimes we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes a couple of million, money that many millionaires waste on accessories. If you had the money, how would you help make a difference?
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Great question, there are several things that I would probably give money to if I had millions. 

The first would be cancer research.  Having been diagnosed over a year ago having it removed and receiving radiation therapy, this disease hits really close to home.  I know several other people that are fighting it or have lost the fight with it as well.  It is devastating and I would like to contribute as much money as I could to helping find a cure for all forms of this disease.  

Second, being from Michigan, I feel that clean drinking water is a huge issue many people in third world countries and even the United States are facing.  I would donate some money to help finish the work they are doing in Flint.  I wouldn't stop there though.  Even now many townships and municipalities are realizing that they have lead pipes as well.  The lead pipes aren't the issue, but when the protective coating gets stripped away, that can allow lead to leak into the water supply.  It is a costly and time consuming project, but eventually we should be working to eliminate all of these pipes throughout the world.

Another project that I would really like to see accomplished is researching a way to expedite the processing of rape kits.  Way too often we hear on the news about kits that are just sitting in storage because they don't have the manpower or resources to process them all.  Sometimes they have a backlog up to a decade on rape kits that are not being processed.  I don't really have a personal connection to this issue, it is just a statistic that really bugs me every time I hear it.  I would like to see someone find a way to accurately and effectively process them in a much quicker time so that they can eliminate the backlog of unprocessed tests.  Consider for a second if it was someone you knew or loved that this crime had been committed against.  Then think about them having to wait for years before charges could be filed against their attacker because it took that long for the rape kit to be processed.  Something needs to change.

Of course I would invest some in my Steem account so I can upvote those in countries that are going through economic crisis right now.  I'd love to help out those in Venezuela with some hefty upvotes.  Sometimes it is hard for us to realize the difference between what a $1 reward means for us and what it might mean for someone else in another part of the world.

Finally, I would probably try to invest some money into finding some more sustainable forms of energy that don't destroy the Earth or the environment.  We need to change something soon if we want the planet to be livable for future generations.  Despite the myth that climate change doesn't exist, I think recent geological and meteorological events can easily prove that it does exist and it is having adverse effects on the weather and the environment.  Finding a method of energy that is safe, clean, and powerful is paramount to the future of our species.

If I had millions to give, I would spend every last dime on the project with promises a clean energy. I am not kidding, ok, I might be a little. But I would spend it smartly to get a project on the clean energy so that we can stop torturing the mother nature and earth. We had been exploiting it in the name of fuel, for past couple of centuries and last few decade has been the worst. You don't have to believe my words but I am sure you can feel it too. People across the global are complaining on the weather conditions going to extremes in recent years. 

we can count at-least 50% of the contribution of the global warming is from the source which can be replaced by something much better and Eco-friendly. I had been living in Chennai for nearly 6 years now and with each passing year I have seen the weather in this region to go extreme. The 2015 downpour is something to remember. I was in middle of it. Knowing that thing will get worse if something is not done, is the worst feeling ever. People had been building canals and proper water outlets but still are not paying attention to the root cause. On the other hand the summer is getting more harsh with last year touching 42C that is halfway to the boiling point. 

I am sure many countries are taking measures to fight the global warming, But there are many countries who are still not considering the global warming a real threat. And when I say country I mean the government. It is hurtful when there are organization who are willing to work on this problem but are facing threats and legal challenges because their initiation in hurting the monetary profit of an individual or the governments. 

And if some action is not taken in that field I am pretty sure the Youtube channels which publishes top 10 list of uninhabitable places on earth will have a lot of contents. All I am wishing is people who can spend million dollars should spend it fixing the earth, and people who are not should at-least try not to hurt much. 



I don't have millions. Yet!!! But someday I will have something to contribute, But I hope its not late by then.

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My number one priority would be to fund scientists to find a cure for the worst decease in the history of mankind...and that is cancer. Millions around the world keep dying because this thing keeps evolving....

So yeah, I could spend even the last penny just so they can find the cure for every form of that damn decease.

I would definitely pump it to blockchain based projects.

One of which is Steem blockchain.

Especially now that Steemit plans to release the SMT on this coming March 2019 and I know for sure that it will benefit the whole "diverse" community.

The way I see it, Steem blockchain house different projects from art, music, crowdfunding, health care...etc

Investing to Steem will definitely cover the development for the current & future projects.

I have seen so many people who died of cancer due to various reasons....if i had millions to give, i would definitely support any wonderful projects which helps in the fight of cancer.....

I also realized that many people in our society are un-educated not because they actually wanted to be uneducated but because they had no resources to be able to get educated.....

If i had alot of money i will engage in and support projects that helps with great scholarship programs whereby alot of youths would be given scholarships to study at institutions that will get them educated......

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To me, if I have millions of money, I will choose to support the project of education.

Many children or people rather are not able to go to school due to the lack of money and those set of people have really great ambitions that if only they can be allow to go to school, they will become great men and women of this world which will bring much more benefits.

I will invest in the school projects. I will try to provide free education to people and also opens a scholarship program so as to sponsor people also which will really help them to achieve their dreams and ambition.

Many people are dying in poverty due to majorly illiteracy because if definitely they have went to school, their standard of living will really have improve.

So to me, I will say I will not hesitate to invest in the education or school project so as to help many thousands of people to achieve their dreams and ambition.


Even if I didn't have millions to give, I would donate to some project that helps homeless animals. I am very touched by those people who somehow try to help the street animals that need it most. They are not to blame for walking on the street, it is our fault for irresponsibility.

For example, I had heard that in Colombia a project called "ComeDog" was being carried out whose objective is to feed as many dogs as possible, starting with Colombia, and then they would go to Mexico, until they knew how feasible the project would be. It consists of automatic dispensers placed in the streets, where the dogs could arrive and eat when they wanted, it is not only about installing an automatic dispenser to feed street dogs, but there is a work behind census, sterilization and adoption that is associated with the name of the project.

I heard that the Brazilians created an initiative called Canismo. It is an artistic movement whose purpose is to help with financial support and adoption strategies for unprotected animals.

But this particular initiative is that street dogs are bathed in paint of various colors, edible, developed with corn starch and food coloring. They shake in front of canvases that are strategically positioned to allow the fun to flow and the abstract art achieved by the madness of the dogs. In the first batch they made, they achieved 18 paintings with unique combinations.

Luckily (for us) they published the "behind the scenes" videos in slow motion of these artistic stars to make the works known and then exhibit them in an exhibition in Sao Paulo. Like the dogs that participated in the tennis match, these dogs also got a home immediately. As for the money raised, it was donated to canine shelters.

I would love one day to become one of those godfathers of those projects or myself create one, and that many people are encouraged too. It's something that not only helps the stray dogs, but also the cities, because in some ways it keeps them cleaner.