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How do you teach your own children about patriotism?
And what traditions do you have that help teach your kids more about Independence Day?

I will not teach my kid to be a patriot. There may be cultural holidays and celebrations that he will take part in, but I find patriotism to be negative. People go to war over patriotism, and I don't believe that any human being should identify himself or herself according to a flag or government. My child will learn to be a citizen of the world and love and respect each culture without having to "be loyal" or defend one in particular.


Carnival is one easy and visual way that can be practically attached to children, I used to encourage my wife to take the children to watch the carnival. The carnival performance on independence day helped explain what heroism meant.

Usually traditional clothes and the heroic side of the struggle to achieve independence are often witnessed at the carnival performances, in Indonesia the carnival is the best momentum for children to learn a lot about the meaning of heroism on independence day.

Explaining something new for them is certainly a separate difficulty, visualization is the best way to explain the meaning of heroism in fighting for independence from colonialism. And I saw that they enjoyed it very much, after the carnival there were some things they knew including traditional weapons used by fighters when they won independence, the visualization education invited them to immediately recognize the heroic side of heroism in fighting for independence.