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What are your "must read" classics/significant fiction?
After spending a decade reading way too many guilty pleasure Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, I took a lit class and was turned on to a big pile of fiction that I would have never come across unless someone told me to read it. Some examples from that class are: Disgrace - J.M. Coetzee, Snow - Orhan Pamuk, A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings - Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achebe. I want to read more books that are important. Books that are on lit class syllabuses because their themes should be discussed. Books that are so commonly read amongst writers that subtle references to them are interjected into the most random things. They don't have to be old or by someone extremely famous, they don't even have to be fun to read. As long as they aren't Sci-Fi/Fantasy (I think we have enough threads covering the must reads from those genres) and they are significant in some way. Please post some of your favorite, significant books that every serious fan of literature should have read and why you loved it. Alternatively, post a classic book that you read and absolutely hated and why you hated it. Short stories are also welcome! Even if you think something is really obvious, post it! I know most of the books seem very obvious to some people, while others (like me 6 months ago) might have never heard of them.

There are so many classics I would actually suggest for you, I'm not a big fan of Shakespearean prose or drama, only his poetry except for his classic "ROMEO AND JULIET and MACBETH, but I do not know if they are in your syllabus like you were asking for. Like there are some amazing ones from Animal farm by George Orwell, to kill a mockingbird, and my two most favourites are "SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER BY" Oliver Goldsmith and "LORD OF THE FLIES" by william Golding.

Actually "SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER" was originally written in 1773 as a stage drama but it was later written in a book. The reason why I think you should read this book is because its fuses both comedy and drama , I've actually valued than books that contained humour because it actually helps me going whenever I am reading it. I actually believe in humour as a literary device that should be utilised always by writers whether they are writing comedy or not, so the book is about a young man who is actually in love with a lady but as a result of misunderstanding he actually misunderstood the lady he wants to marry to be a call girl when he was redirected by the girl's drunkard brother to their house as a hotel which they can pass their night so the book revealed the weaknesses and the real self of a person it's actually taught me that sometimes a woman or man needs to see your original self in order to determine whether they want to marry you or not. So this book is actually very essential for you to read it is a beautiful classic that I must recommend.

At the same time I would recommend LORD OF THE FLIES this one is actually a beautiful prose beating around 1957 I do not know if I should classify it as a tragedy or as a tragic comedy what it actually has the effect of tragedy and comedy inside of it which makes it very thrilling I mentioned earlier that I love books that had human inside of it and this book is actually not lacking in human. It tells the tragic tale of a group of boys that found themselves on an uninhabited island and as a result of this the willingness for power and the greed for authority actually showed that the worst of someone can only be brought out when they are in trouble or when they are alone with their peers it is a beautiful book that actually explored children politics it's actually detailed themes like survival, greed, betrayal and cold-heartedness