For what reason do a few people assault @Ned at the ongoing cost misfortunes of Steem?
I've seen some out and out assaults on @ned as of late. A few people notwithstanding manhandling him like he's the purpose behind Steem's troubles. For what reason is this the case? Is there anything he ought to do that he isn't right now to rescue the circumstance? For what reason would he say he is being assaulted?

I have seen a few talks about @ned on here, and while i think we could do better by proffering solutions rather than the insults, i do not think these 'assaults' are baseless or without reason, given that some of the people who 'assault' ned are notable and have long been supporters of this blockchain. It's merely out of frustration than anything else. Having to watch the thing you love slowly ebb away.

I won't mince words, so here are the reasons i think Ned comes up often.

- Some people are yet to wrap their heads around the concept of decentralization, hence, it is not uneventful to see comments that suggest the main idea is not fully comprehended.

- Ned doesn't control Steem. However, he is the CEO of steemit inc, the original developers of the Steem blockchain and the largest stakeholder on here. Steemit ninja-mined and still owns as much as 50% of the entire Steem out there. That is a lot of power to have, and with more power comes more responsibility. As such, people depend on them to instigate key changes towards development.

- Steemit inc has a history of not delivering on promises or sticking to the roadmap. Steem has a bluepaper and some of the features on it have not been implemented. Not everyone that jumped at the idea of a decentralized chain for content incentivization intended to use it by posting. The idea is grand and futuristic and some people with large stakes are simply investors. Nothing more. They expected Steemit inc. to at least deliver on some of the projects/features listed in the whitepaper and they expected returns for their investments. Who else is to blame other than the CEO of Steemit.com?

- Steemit.com was the first UI used on the steem blockchain and is the most used interface for new users and old users alike. Take a look at https://www.stateofthedapps.com/rankings for example, Steem only got listed on there barely 2 weeks ago and Steemit.com is ranked first based on user activity. This means whoever built or controls Steemit.com is the most influential person on the blockchain yet. Ned's silence and lack of participation in key issues in an ecosystem he co-founded does not put him out there as the best CEO. His last interactive comment on the chain is over 15 days ago. 

Again, perhaps all of this is to remind us of how the blockchain was intended to be used - Decentralized! Slowly, users have begin to realize that we have been too dependent on only one entity to make the chain a better place, and community efforts are in place to change that. If Steem's largest stakeholders won't work for a change, the community will, and we'll get the witnesses to approve the changes and enact them.

This is a great opportunity to talk about witnesses as well. Witnesses help make the changes on here and are being paid for validating transaction blocks. i would implore everyone to rethink their witness choices. Vote for only active and dedicated people working for the blockchain. review your witness votes here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses



Most users are ignorant of how the interface works and as a result of this they blame the CEO Ned Scott (@ned) this is actually a centralised mentality which is wrong, people do not really know how steemit.com works they feel that because ned scott is the ceo he has all the answers to the problems and many people think that he can even fix the price of steem. 

These are all wrong mentality and perceptions the truth is that many people do not know that this platform is decentralized and as much as ned scott holds a lot of shares there are so many other people that has a whole lot of stake and shares on the platform as much as ned scott for example someone like @theycallmedan who holds a lot of stake, we also have the 20 witnesses as well but people really do not recognise the role of the 20 witnesses on steemit.com.

 However because @ seems to be the figurehead at the top people do not know that there are so many other factors that are responsible for steemit.com and not just ned scott alone , so I will basically say it is the ignorance that is why people actually think need scott has all the answers to the problems on the platform


Nothing, Absolutely "nothing" the fact that people are holding him responsible for everything that happens on this platform doesn't mean he has to do anything, he is performing his functions as a ceo and because the platform is decentralized he cannot do more than a specified function or purposes basically that is the essence of a decentralized platform which means that ned scott do not get to decide everything that happens here because if it were so then the platform will be centralised which will give him more power to do more but as it is currently he has his delegated responsibilities and cannot do more than that


To me I'll say that those tending to abuse @ned are only ignorant of the opportunities that the Steem blockchain affords every user even at Day 1. They feel that it is @Ned's responsibility to grow steem. However, on the contrary, the users are the power to grow steem and give it a mass adoption. The Steem blockchain almost affords every one an equal opportunity to grow and to contribute. Rather than cast @Ned, they should be informed to think of what they can do and then start doing it to grow Steem.

In another case, some of those are proud and always want to be heard. They want to earn cheap popularity. Indeed, we know that cheap scandals and rebellious news do sell faster on the media. That's what they try to do.

In all, Steem will grow and they'll be talking. It's their work and they'll always want to find faults o others.