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Characterize what is a 'quality post' on any of the steem applications?
We as a whole have our meaning of what a decent quality post is nevertheless how does this mean the different applications on the steem blockchain? For instance. On the off chance that you are utilizing steepshot to post a photograph, the requirement for a great deal of content is irrelevent as an image should paint a 1,000 words. What are your considerations on the different substance on these distinctive applications? Ought to there ne a word check least on steemit and so on.

@Hoangtiendai, In my opinion here we have to understand one thing and that is, we all have different thought process, in simple terms, for example, for one individual, one aspect is bad but for other individual same aspect is good, so quality is Individual Subject and if particular individual receives value in some kind of post then it will called as quality post in my opinion. Stay blessed. 🙂