How long should a person wait to date again after a breakup?
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Sometimes it depends on how the last relationship ended I do believe that sometimes people want something to take their mind off their ex and as a result of this day jump into a new relationship I won't actually condemn jumping into a new relationship or say that one has to wait for a particular time frame in order to date again sometimes it's always determinants on the individual. Some people usually need time in order to fix their life a little bit before jumping into love again as soon as possible while some others find themselves inclined to find a newer love life in order to forget their old one.

So these are two different type of people so I don't think there is anything like a time frame in order to wait before moving into another relationship it all depends on your goals and objectives sometimes people take lovers their priority while others take other things as priorities so I do not think that any time frame affects when a person must date if you decide to date after your ex it wouldn't have any effect on the new relationship vice-versa so if you see that you have so many businesses to run or you have so many career challenging your life after leaving your ex then this means that you are placing a priority before your love life.

So it depends on you and not time itself, if you're a very emotional person whose judgement is always clouded by their motion it would be better for you to make other things a priority and come back after a long time but if you find out that you are emotionally capable to move on from your last relationship then you can actually have a new relationship all in all it is determinant on the people involved as much as I wont say you need to dive into a relationship immediately I can't also asked you to wait the only thing that matters is your state of mind after a breakup

How long a person should wait before dating again after a break is actually varies for everyone....

but I would really say and believe that there are some very vital and neccessary questions which you actually should ensure you ask yourself before dating after a break up occurs......

1.....if you actually feel the actual need to really jump back again into the dating pool so quickly, perhaps do you think there is actually some things which you need to learn first??

2....Are you actully trying to fill a void after a breakup??

3...Are you actually trying to really have someone else who would lick your wounds??

4....Are you actually trying to really avoid being alone or feel lonely?? or do you feel you are actually not capable of really being alone without actually feeling some loneliness? could it be you are giving in into the actual belief that you will actually be alone forever??

5... Are you actually relying on other individuals to really feel validated, or feel secure, or feel loved??Do you really believe that you can give all these things to yourself without waiting for anyone??

6...do you believe you can actually be happy, contented and also satisfied without actually relying on an individual??and Are you truly willing to find that out??

Yeah there is obviously actually nothing totally wrong with making decision to date again after a breakup ,there is nothing totally wrong if you decide to date again and have some fun and also getting it through your head that truly life do really goes on and yeah you need to pick the remaining pieces of your life and move on— but also maybe you need to take a pause and you just need one more time to actually resist the huge urge and try to watch yourself very closely by answering those questions which i typed above..... i believe that You will actually learn alot by sincerely answering those questions and being truthful to yourself,i believe it will really help you to develop a very stronger emotional independence which would now make you to be certain whether you are sincerely ready and prepared to date again after a breakup or you just want to date again to stop feeling hurt about the breakup....i wish you the best of luck...