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I think the proportion among inquiries and answers isn't so incredible. I feel if considering can build their vote load to upvote questions- - great inquiries - it will fill in as a motivating force for individuals to ask more. At the present time there are a larger number of individuals willing to reply than inquire. What is your interpretation of this issue?

I think the proportion is slightly not different I do think that if enquiries are too much on the platform the curating system may lose its credibility, i usually see more than 50 questions daily on musing.io and I believe that it's a definitely considerable amount of question and out of this more than 50 questions close to 40 is being curated by the musing curation team with close to $1.20 vote so this is definitely standard enough, another thing I believe is that one enquiry or one question demands more than one answer because I believe that someone who asks a question will need the opinion of more than one person so it is not as if people are more willing to reply because of the reward.

The reason is because so many people hold so many opinion about different enquiries and that is how someone who asked an enquiry actually get the correct answer but when he gets just 1 answer on his enquiry how would you actually know if the answer is correct? That is why a lot of answers are always seen on enquiries because it is a difference in opinion that the person who asks actually no which is correct and which is wrong so I think the amount of people willing to ask and the amount of people willing to reply is delicately poised and slightly at an equilibrium rate and there is no flaw.

So there is no issue here, the truth is that it is more difficult to answer a question more than to ask it and the fact that there are people willing to reply this questions shows a progressive development to the platform I don't think they are lesser questions here in fact the number of questions day by day continue increasing and I can vividly say to you that even the quality of the questions are increasing. So my point is that sometimes people who ask questions also answer other people and the fact that there are a lot of answers on one question doesn't show that people are not willing to ask questions it only shows the physical interaction of the platform and nothing more


Currently there are more than six thousand questions asked on musing.io and there are many questions that still need good answers,

musing.io curators do their best to ensure that sensible and thought provoking questions are upvoted same way answers are upvoted and i believe that some people should stop seeing answering and asking questios on this platform as money making machine,this platform is supposed to be a platform where those that are seeking knowledge should come to same way those people that are willing to share knowledge..

whatever we earn through upvotes are just a form of incentives and we should not let that be our sole reason for joining this platform,,i believe that if focus more on the knowledge part instead of the earning part then i am sure no one will be so bothered by how many of their questions or answers are upvoted....