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How can I earn from musing because am new here?

Actually instead of asking how much you can earn on musing,i would prefer you to ask that "what positive impacts can i make on musing"

I said so because trying to make positive impacts on this musing.io platform or the steem blockchain is a great mindset which would make you to be able to enjoy yourself on the platform without becoming a spammer...

Having the mindset of "how can you earn"on musing could make you become desperate to earn on musing and you could start spamming on the platform just to attract upvotes/rewards especially when you start feeling you are not earning enough on this platform....

When individuals post good contents on this platform they could get incentives on this platform,the incentives come through upvotes which could be from musing curators or other users......goodluck....

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I think that people shouldn't focus on earning. This is what ruins the Steem community (or at least Steemit). A lot of people are focusing on earning money. Musing is a Q&A (Questions and Answers) platform. Just answer the questions of others (sometimes ask your own). Use the website naturally, like any other website on the internet in general. If your questions and answers are good, the earnings will come with them.


I think the most important thing that has to be done is just to keep practicing and write. Read the questions that your interested in answering and answer the question and take ur time to answer the questions. The best thing is not to use Google to find any answers and there isn't any shortcut to earning lots of Steem fast without hard work.

Overall, after writing lots of answers and getting used to it then you get the hang of writing good quality answer. It is important to emphasis on quality rather than quantity. It takes lots of determination. The first few months you won't see much progress but after a while you can get to see some increase in earnings.

You can add the post to your blog by ticking the box on the right right after you post an answer and have written an answer. Do post quality post on your steemit account so when you post up an answer there, you get added on followers then you can increase your answer earnings.

The first few month when I started answering on musing, it was pretty rough and I could not really write that much as it was quite a hard task for my brain. Not easy to do. Keep it up and never give up.


Musing as might know by now is a question - answer platform. People write their post - question and essentially ask the community for possible answers or their views on specific topics.

It is not only a matter of earning rather than contributing. The better understanding of the question will provide a better answer. It is totally up to Musing's mods whether your answers was good enough / not plagiarized, etc in order to receive an upvote from the main account. 

If you don't just try harder next time. The more time you'll spend around the better results you'll have. No one should pretend to be a saint. We all want the upvotes - money but my view is that f you enjoy the process upvotes will arrive eventually. I hope it helps! 


Post questions and answers. You'll get (irregular) upvotes from musing and then some from the community. Make your your questions are easy to understand and your answers are relevant and accurate

You can also upvote answers and questions before others for curation rewards


Just be yourself and you will be fine. Ask and answer questions using your own words.

I would take  a look around and get an idea of what is expected when asking and answering questions. Choose questions that you have some knowledge on and answer them. You must use your own words and not copying from somewhere else.

It takes a short while to be noticed and just be patient. If you have decent questions and answers I am sure you will receive some votes from Musing and the community.


Musing.io is probably one of the best platform for new comers like you, a simple question can easily earn a user about 1% - 3% upvote depending on the way the question is constructed and made interesting.

The other way to earn is by answering questions this in musing.io platform. Based from my observations, most answers are the ones that are earning the highest votes. Of course, it will still depend on how informative the answer is. Some answers could get 1% - 5% or even 20% upvote to some amazingly composed answers.

The best of luck to you, keep musing!


You can earn from musing by asking question that will be impacting to people's lives. You can also earn by answering people's questions which is answering it in such a way that you impact ideas and knowledge to the person who asked the question and even to those people who might get to read your answers.

By dropping good answers yourself, you get an upvote from the musing.io team and also you could get a random upvote from someone who might like your answer.

You can also make new friends through interacting with people whom you think have given good answers. You can also give upvotes to people who drop good answers.


Earning  from Musing.io is simple.

1. Ask Questions that will surge a great interaction and don't fail to make a brief description of the  question and use the appropriate tag.

2. Give sincere and factual answers to as many questions as you can. Always make appropriate illustrations where necessary (whether text or image).

3. Reply to answers.

4. Use original content. Do not plagiarize your content.

I hope it helps!

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