If you could invent anything what would it be?

I always wanted to invent some cheap way to make people fly. Aviation business is drastically developing. In many countries aviation is quite cheap and affordable. People are using it frequently to commute from one place to another. But not on all countries. I'm from India and aviation costs are not really affordable for every individual here. As are gradually developing as a growing nation, the road is still long and we will not be able to make it affordable so soon. 

I wanted to invest something that will make people fly easily without involving too much of cost. My idea can look like a fantasy story but I feel it is definitely possible. From the ancient scriptures in India, we are able to see that there have been flying objects and aeroplanes in India several centuries before. I'm not going to go into details on whether those information were true or not. But if it had not been true, NASA would not work on some secret projects to explore more about Mercury vortex engines. 

There have been description about different types of aerial vehicles and flying objects. Both man and unmanned objects. Today we can see lots of news every 1 hour about unidentified flying objects. If we search google for UFO, we will be able to get so many news about various incidents that is continuously happening all over the world. I don't think every single news can be fake. There are places where people still see UFOs flying in the sky. They are even considered to be visiting Earth several times. Scientists have no answers about those unidentified flying objects. 

When I go further about this, it can look like a fantasy story but on a serious note, if we are able to find some clue on this and invent something that can really track these down to make us understand how it is possible, it would be brilliant. It need not necessary be something to understand about these UFOs, the invention can even be in such a way that we invent something that can cost less. 

It is just that we are lacking the knowledge that is required to build something or just understand about something. In the ancient scriptures there is even a possibility for humans to fly just like that without even having any necessity to travel in an aeroplane. Imagine if humans are able to fly without wings or any external source against gravity. Today it can be an imagination but tomorrow it can come true. 

"After all one century's magic is another century's science"

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An Alternative to Road Transport System 

If I have the opportunity to solve a problem or to create something new, that will change a whole lot in human history, It will be to eliminate or reduce traffic jam to the barest minimum by designing/creating a new transportation system that will eliminate traffic jam. I will achieve this by creating an affordable flying object that can transport people and goods over short and long distances.

All over the world, especially in developed cities, traffic jam has been a major problem for people, businesses and even the government themselves. In an attempt to solve this problem government and cooperation's has created even more problems.

Traffic jam occurs when roads are congested with Vehicles, as a result of this, vehicles moves slowly and this affect quite a number of things negatively, most especially businesses which in turn affect the economy of the nation.

Traffic jam also affect individuals negatively. Students and employees are constantly affected by this congestion on our road on their way  to school or work everyday.  A journey  of about fifteen minutes may take up to two hours or more to complete and this leads to tiredness, which in turn affects the productivity level of an individual at work or in school.

In conclusion, the disadvantage of traffic jam are enormous and if I have the opportunity to create something new, it will be a simple flying object that can transport people and goods from one place to another. And like Harry Ford of Ford motors did to vehicles, it will be massively affordable.

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Unending Motion.

It would radically change how we see the universe. The entire universe of material science would be flipped around.

We would have the capacity to head out to the stars in the blink of an eye as we figured out how to travel quicker then the speed of light. We could saddle so much vitality wars over vitality would stop. Sustenance would turn out to be so inexhaustible it would turn out to be elusive starving kids. Socialism would right away turn out to be to a great degree applicable again as the thing that made it come up short was greater aninability of Communist countries to procure enough fuel.

The cost of everything would go down since the greatest cost added substance to the universes economy all of a sudden bottoms out.

The whole world changes once there is ceaseless movement.


This is a lovely question!!!

If I could invent anything, I will invent great affordable and luxury Cars that can serve two purposes:

(1) Cars that walks on the road

(2) And Cars that flies in the air


This is an intense one. Without getting too far out there, I would try to create a case or chamber to restore the human body. The reason: consider that Americans take 80% of all the sedative based medications created on the planet.

{Americans Consume Almost All of the Global Opioid Supply} - from April 27, 2016 - (Exactly one year from today), by CNBC.

The United States speaks to under 5% of the total populace, yet expends 80% of these medications. The case would place individuals in a decent state, without the requirement for medicine or medications. On the off chance that effective, this innovation would make numerous more lives satisfied. What's more, it would expand efficiency and decline wrongdoing all in the meantime.

The experience inside the chamber would replace a craving to cure and getaway reality. While in the meantime, sedate compulsion would fall enormously with a 30 min. to one hour session every day. Society and humankind would profit extraordinarily.

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I like Dyson's Utopia, and I trust that in the totality of time, the individuals who achieve it will credit my age's commitments to its foundation. Fundamentally it's about the decentralization of vitality creation, and data sharing. This decreases human reliance on the incorporated progressive systems that were the first sorting out standards of industrialization.