When do you begin your Christmas shopping?

Early November to the ending of November is the best time I do my Christmas shopping. In my country, the price of goods get very high during the Yuletide season. Waiting till December before one does his Xmas shopping means that one should be ready to pay for times two the actual price of whatever one wants to buy

So it's best to do Christmas shopping before December; preferably early to middle of the month of November because then the prices of commodities are still moderate


Normally like most guys a week before Christmas. This year will be different though as 99% will be purchased online in the first week of December. 

I am sick and tired of running around looking for things and queuing. I am not joining the masses this year and will take a couple of hours sitting behind a computer and it will be all done.

I should have done it last year but left it too late so the aim is to be more organized for once.