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Which genre of movie would you like to live in?

Wow, brilliant questions, the truth is I love zombie movies, I've actually watched walking dead, Z-nation and izombie as well and the reality of the science fictional series seems to always stick with me. I definitively do not think the zombie life is awesome, but sometimes I'm always wondering from my perspectives how it will feel like to have a virus spread across the whole world and zombies will be living in it.

So definitely horror movie/series is the genre of movie that I want to live in. I actually think horror is one of the unlikeliest genre of movie that will ever become reality because it seems definitely impossible for maybe scientists to create an injection or a lethal Various that will change the essence of man, make them want to eat brain, or develop specific abilities and haunt dilapidated building, I think it may definitely not happen, not now, not in this generation.

So in all honesty I'll like to live the horror movie genre in other to experience for myself first hand what the creators of the horror/zombie movies makers try to create and also horror movies are post apocalyptic (after the earth's destruction) I want to really see how the earth will look like during the apocalyptic era, yeah so it has to be horrors/zombie genre for me.