What are the most common reasons why people loose their jobs?


After finishing studies, it becomes vital for many to find a nice job or do some business. These days it has become difficult to find a nice job because AI and automation is snatching jobs from humans. In fact, it is difficult for one to find a suitable job but it is easier to lose one’s job. There are many reasons which can make one to lose one’s job:

Abusive behavior: Nobody can bear an abusive employee. If an employee is abusive and creates nuisance inside a company or organization, then it becomes imperative for employers to fire such an employee. An employer cannot bear an arrogant and impolite person as his/her employee.

Fraud and corruption: When one is engaged in fraudulent activities and evolved in corruption, it becomes unbearable for any employer to keep such an employee with his/her organization or institution. These actions can invite legal action as well.

Misconduct: Some people behave badly to their subordinates and also intimidate them. Some tyrant bosses demands sexual favor from their subordinates. Some are engaged in unethical and criminal activities as well. This all make one liable to be fired.

Poor performance: An employer pays his/her employees because he/she expects multifold return on his/her investment. Employers don’t invest on someone for charity. That’s why companies and organizations set targets for their employees. If an employee doesn’t perform well, achieve targets or is not profitable then he/she may be fired.

Violating company’s policy: Every company/organization expects professional behavior from its employees. It is vital for employees to take care of the company’s policy. If company wish to form a strong relationship with customers but its employees neglect them, then it will become impossible for the company to get what it desires. If an employee is having the relationship with rival companies, it affects the company badly. All these things are fit to force the company to fire such an employee.

Apart from these reasons a lazy, negative minded, self centered, unproductive and irresponsible employee is not welcomed in corporate culture. Such persons definitely lose their jobs.

Above cited reasons are employees’ shortcomings but companies/organization can also fire or retire their employees prematurely.

Financial loss to the company: When a company faces the financial crisis and wants to cut its operational cost, it may retrench its working force. Economic conditions also determine job positions within a country.

If a company is sold to some other company, employees of the former company may lose their job.

Use of new technology: When a company adopts more advance technology, sometimes it affects employment of many. Robotics and AI are rendering people jobless. For example, in automobile sector robots are doing many jobs. Cars and bikes are manufactured in assembly lines by robots. Man has limited intervention in many processes. This needs a few people to complete full task. 

This new economic model is meant for super rich only. Super rich are hiring robots and with AI these machines are capable of performing many tasks smoothly, diligently and efficiently. Big corporations buy smaller and become giants. In these gigantic companies robots are preferred while self-dependent small businesses are forced to close their business. As humans have a limited role in the modern economic model, joblessness is also increasing.  


Individuals wind up stopping employments on the grounds that now and again they get tired of their supervisors, or the organizations don't serve their interests any more. They aren't roused to play out their job in the group. Or on the other hand once in a while they are doing tasks which they truly would prefer not to.

Now and again individuals begin acknowledging what kind off life they are driving, and they need to transform it and make some significant out of it, in this way they quit their dull occupations and begin accomplishing something advantageous.

Employments require certain kind off responsibility, which individuals neglect to give after a few times and they wind up stopping their occupations.

I have heard individuals discussing how much their occupations sucks and they are living for the nighttimes and the ends of the week. So to offer themselves a reprieve from this exhausting and unremarkable way of life of 9 to 5 they quit occupations.


I think there are four important reasons why people lose their jobs and this is what I always see as reasons for people leaving their workplace. Allow me to share my thoughts about it.

- Bad bosses - Bad bosses are often the toxic people in a company. Many employee risk to leave their job rather than being with a bad boss. It drains their energy and time.

- Salary - People often choose companies that offer big salaries. People tend to lose their jobs for a job that offer a much greater salary. We can't blame them, because the reason why we are working is because we need to earn money.

- The environment - the aura of our workplace is also a big factor for employees staying in a company. The more it is conducive to be to work with. 


- Purpose - if you find your purpose in a company. You will surely stay in a company if you know your deep purpose. That's why employees in Facebook, Twitter, Google, and etc stay because they know they play a big role onto the success of the company and for the customers.



The world is changing so quick as is the innovation as is the workplace culture. Some of them are embracing these progressions and huge numbers of them are declining to change. These progressions resemble adaptable working hours, telecommute offices, more agreeable office space and so on. On the off chance that an organization has a simple open entryway arrangement, at that point there would be a likelihood of workers leaving the present association to get into another to get these advantages. The odds of this sort of circumstance to happen would be high if a worker is extremely a skilled individual. In the event that he/she is capable at that point odds of their landing position in another firm would be high for them. Time has changed, individuals need opportunity even in their due date based tasks and in their desk areas.

On the off chance that they feel caught in the workplace, they will endeavor to discover an exit plan and if there should be an occurrence of a gifted individual, just a firm will bear the LOSS.

Additional time OVER THE TIME

At the point when a representative feels overburden with work, not for a little timeframe, but rather for long in light of the fact that the firm needs to make the most out of the assets they have, this would lead them to locate another activity to lessen the pressure and with no dithering, that worker would leave the activity even without getting any adjustment in the pay. Think about a gifted worker, he/she is so productive in their work, the more they feel the weight of work, the speedier they move out.

Today when new companies are confronting subsidizing issue, they are not procuring an additional worker to spare the compensation and making the present one to work.


It accompanies control and on the off chance that somebody is continually searching for what you are doing at work and how you are getting along it, you will get chafed. These issues are more terrible for new companies. In a firm with a set number of workers and FUNDS, "pioneers" enjoy all procedures. This is the point at which a representative needs to venture out of the procedure.


On the off chance that your very capable representative has an offer superior to your firm, that implies you are not paying them well. Acknowledge it or not, in the event that they can be paid more than you are paying that implies that this worker is being come up short on. Regardless of whether you are counter-offering some pay, that implies you can pay them yet you are not doing it. Keep in mind, an effective begin doesn't expect to create just cash as their essential target.


These necessities from the workers are not their fits of rage or unlawful requests. This is sensible from their perspective and particularly when a representative can be an advantage for any of the association. Gifts don't just entire their doled out work in the association, they are the sheer resource. They increment profitability, builds up a positive "can-do" sprite among-st others as well. What's more, these are some imperceptible additional items that are not made reference to in their "jobs and duties" but rather the association receives advantage in return.


I think some of the reasons a person would be fired is because they don't tend to show up. Just showing up would ensure a higher chance of securing a job. The person is a born entrepreneur and working for others gives that feeling of boredom so instead of doing their job to the fullest capacity, they just tend to do it in a light hearted way.

Other than that, the economic conditions forces the companies to reduce its staff in order to survive and sometimes it is not planned by the company but usually even though the company hasn't a choice, they would need to make some sacrifice in order for the company to survive. Survival of the fittest.

The person who works in a certain position makes too many mistakes that cost the company lots of revenue lost. The company has not got any choice but to terminate this person.


Most people this days don't often get jobs that is based on their field so as they lack some things that is really necessary to apply to that field. HUMAN BEHAVIOUR ; This is one of the reason most people fail to apply to their various jobs lack of respect, self discipline and so on. It is indeed necessary to be polite in what ever your doing.


Individuals leave their directors and associations And not their employments. At the point when there is a crisscross in the activity content between the underlying meeting and enlistment and the genuine work put, individuals wind up feeling let down. THis makes them leave their employments.

There are another arrangement of individuals who trust that hopping occupations will impel their profession regarding financial advantages so the kangaroo… Only to wind up hanging some place or struck some place as they have not picked up Anything


From the general population that we talk with and the "push-factors" that we examine with our customers, I would list these as the most widely recognized explanations behind clearing out. Be that as it may, it is a slip-up to relate needing to leave an occupation with a solitary factor. No organization is flawless and we as a whole make bargains/exchange offs.

1. Detach Between Own Perception of Value and the Company

This is likely the most well-known. The worker for reasons unknown feels that they merit that advancement, pay or reward which the Company/Manager doesn't figure they do.

In the event that the distinction is left unaddressed, the staff will search for another organization where they feel there is to a greater extent an association.

2. Precariousness/Uncertainty in the Company or Department

This is turning into an inexorably important worry for some workers. On the off chance that they even get the smell of a descending turn and conceivable conservations, the organization will begin to free individuals.

There have been such a large number of ongoing models of major, solid organizations conserving vast quantities of individuals.

3. Harming Staff Conflicts

Regardless of whether with the chiefs, other division staff or their own colleagues, clashes left uncertain will gradually drive them out of the association.

Group elements are crucial to a solid group. Clashes are typical in any organization. Harming clashes must be tended to specifically.

4. Unfulfilled Promises

This one is frequently missed by a great deal of supervisors and friends HR. Amid the meeting and audit periods, contracting directors and HR can regularly infer or specifically guarantee advancements, modifications or particular employment obligations which are overlooked in the surge of things.

Once in a while are such guarantees overlooked deliberately, however they complete a considerable measure of harm. The most exceedingly bad part is that workers infrequently send updates. Overlooked inferred guarantees putrefy.

5. Family and Health

Another child, a sudden demise in the family, a disjoin disorder would all be able to necessitate that a representative leave the association to deal with the circumstance.

This can frequently be overseen through a steady association, yet it is a two way process.

Organizations that location these issues will at present observe staff development. A level of representatives will dependably move for more cash. In any case, associations that can adequately deal with these five, will have significantly less to stress over.


Hey all,

It is difficult to finish up by a solitary purpose behind why individuals quit their place of employment however it absolutely relies upon different conditions, few are as beneath:-

For better vocation

For monetary development

For Job security

For good learning background

For good work-life balance

To begin claim businesses​

To seek after advanced education

Due to Health issues

Along these lines rundown will go ahead, as I felt each individual wish to have cheerful and prosperous life, consequently great job assumes the real job in one's life.

Much appreciated,


Ever know about the network show called 'Seseme Street?" You know - the one with Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird? The one that showed us our ABCs and 123s preceding we even began school?

All things considered, the organizers of Seseme Street directed several investigations to perceive what sorts of data would keep a youngster's consideration. The consequences of these investigations were intriguing. For reasons unknown, the all the more confounding a subject is, the less the kid demonstrated enthusiasm for a portion.

Befuddle a tyke, lose their consideration.

What's more, similar remains constant for grown-ups. Ever perused a story where the plot gets extremely entangled and end up putting the book down - choosing to attempt to peruse it later? Just to discover later that your enthusiasm for the book has dropped? Or then again prefer not to head out to the restroom amid motion pictures since you need to re-situate yourself when you return? Or on the other hand hate to begin a film in the center in light of the fact that your perplexed you won't understand what's happening in the plot? It's all disarray.

Individuals hate to feel confounded. Perplexity drives tarrying. It drives dissatisfaction. It moderates efficiency and advancement. Also, it makes us look uncouth. Disarray gets us canned. Furthermore, it influences us to stop.

Recall a portion of the occupations you delighted in. What amount of disarray was there? I'll wager none. You comprehended what you needed to do, when you needed to do it, and you got an "atta-kid" when you did it. Those are where your manager was sure about what he or she needed, and you were great at conveying precisely what was required. You felt certain. You felt in charge. Those sorts of occupations - are not the sorts we quit. Those are the ones we leave on great terms, when our requirements change.

This is only a hypothesis dependent on what I extrapolated from some perusing. (Furthermore, truly, I got confounded a couple of times while perusing that book and left it - every now and then). You can find out about it yourself. It's a book called "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. It's a book that reviews why and how thoughts and other stuff becomes a web sensation.

All my best,