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How do you find relief when writing about something very personal?
Right now, I'm caught up in a story that deals with something very close to my heart and I thought writing this would help me work it out and move on, but each day, I find myself more lost inside the story and with less incentive to get out.


I am not a writer (in the strict sense of the word). I have not published any book of poetry, essays or short stories, or any novel. But, since I started on Steemit, I have given a try to almost all literary genres. It has been a very rewarding experience to put on a writer’s shoes and create stories, worlds, and people while finding ways to explore our own interiority and what we make of the worlds around us from different perspectives.

One thing I have discovered is that most of what I write comes from my personal experiences, especially from the traumatic ones. The experiences that I have not openly discussed are the ones that pop up first when I write a story or poem. As someone else commented, it is therapeutic, it is cathartic. 

Writing can be like talking to a psychologist or psychiatrist, only cheaper. Most of what they ask you to do is to talk about the things that bother you and in the process discover that there were other underlying issues that we were not aware of. By exteriorizing those issues, we reconcile ourselves with the events and the people involved in them.

When the story does not flow, when it does not come out easy it is because I (probably unconsciously) do not want it to be told (because it is too personal and I anticipate that people will read it and assume is autobiographical) or because I have not made full sense of it yet.

By brainstorming what the event means for us (or at least what we think it means), for which sometimes we need to talk with someone else who maybe remembers that even differently, we can better decide what we want to do with it. One way to make it flow may be to just twist it. Twist it enough so that it does not look familiar for us anymore. If we can’t recognize the characters in the story, then the readers won’t either (or so we fool ourselves into believing).

Of course, everyone is different and we will hardly get the same results by following someone else’s process, but, who knows! 


Write it out especially in a diary. It really helps. Usually when there is something that I want to have answers, I write it in my diary. It will definitely clear out some of those bad thoughts that are inside the mind. Get someone more positive to talk to at all times. The more you write it inside your diary, the more you can release it. 

Maybe write it on a blog and publish it. Maybe there are others who want to read what's in your mind. 

Join some sports activity so you will have this goal to reach or do some stuff that has goals. Once you have goals, you can really focus on them and work on it. So it is worth to get up everyday and do the things that one day would lead to your ultimate goal. 

Ask a family member for help. It is better not to get in a deeper situation and get lost deep inside or else it would later lead to depression and depression is something hard to get out of. It's like quick sand. Once we get one food in and we don't quickly climb out of it, we may sink further and further deep inside. 

If there is something that is the cause of those pain and negativity, try to reduce contact or avoid that situation at best as possible. I am sure in this world, everyone has some things that are constantly bothering them but everyone would surely do something about it by doing something positive. 


I think putting your personal thoughts down is definetely a kind of therapy. Instead of thinking about it constantly by seeing your thoughts it does seem to bring it to the fore.

Many times I have done this to try and get a better understanding. It helps bring closure to something making it more clearer

I see it as a hugely positive move and recommend others try it.