What do you think about musing platform?
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The Musing Platform is one growing interface of the Steem blockchain which is going mainstream. Indeed, the uniqueness of the Musing platform which makes it  preferred interface will make Musing.io grow beyond thinkable bounds on this blockchain.

With Musing, a user spends less time which is needed to make a good aesthetics of a post as obtainable in other Steem DApps. With Musing, all you need do is to maximize your time in giving a factual and concise answer to a question asked or you simply ask a question and there you go.

Like I said earlier, I see Musing platform becoming an internationally recognized debate platform for schools, politics, etc.

Musing Platform will be a One-stop interface which will provide multifaceted solutions and surge an unparalleled interaction between internet users.

Musing.io is perhaps the best dapp on the Steem blockchain because it focuses on the real value and intention of the steem blockchain - Rewarding real user engagements and providing incentivization for contents through its proof of brain consensus. Curation on here is done manually by people who approve of an opinion, Hence, short-circuiting the abuse of bots. 

The ability to get rewarded for valuable inputs make it stand out from other Q and A platforms like Quora. I believe this community has what if takes to attract and retain new users, making the blockchain even more valuable!


In steemit have so many good community like esteem.,dtube, steemhunt.They alll are supportive we all know.But In steemit musing one community that's so easy to use.and Here just need to do good answer.Also in other community we need to do difficult task some also.

But in musing just need to do good answer.Musing also.helping people for improve speaking and writing. Because many people in steemit work English is not there first language. Because of answering question peole develop there english writting that's will be so helpful for new comers.Also its support also using there upvotee for good answer that's really so good for people.

I think musing is one of the great platform in steemit.

Thanks for your question.

Without bias or sentiments, I believe that Musing is one of the best Dapps on the Steem blockchain. I wrote extensively about why I hold this view in an article I published on my blog yesterday. Let me just briefly explain my view here.

As at today, there are already 25,000 questions answered on Musing. The implication is that Musing is adding priceless value to the Steem blockchain. As the number of answered questions here begins to increase by the day, the search engine ranking of Musing will increase. This way, Musing will play a major role in making Steem go mainstream.

Not only that, Musing is one of the easiest Dapps to use on the Steem blockchain. And because it involves the exchange of knowledge and the provision of rewards for same, users get along easily. This increases the usability propensity of Musing and reinforces the belief that Musing will scale when utility comes to the front burner.

I love Musing a lot. It is an addictive dapp. I am here every single day. Since last month November, 1st roughly, I've been rather active here on Musing. I guess, I can't imagine a day without musing here. The thing is that, there is a reward system and also challenges as which let us test our ability to answer a lot of questions. 

It also trains our language and makes us that more able to enhance our knowledge in blockchains and crypto related topics. I still remember last week when musing went down for a while due to server problem, it felt like an eternity as I could not get to answer any questions at all. 

The fun thing is that we get to ask any questions as we want and some questions are pretty weird to answer. I have myself asked some weird questions too. Well, it's also like a forum in a way to see something new and yet everything here is user generated and there is a lot of fun reading a lot of the answers to the questions I post. I hope Musing continues to grow in the community with more international exposure and users. It could be great to have new features in the future. 

The only question that I keep thinking about is that, what is gonna happen one day when there are so many questions like for example 100 k of question. Would the server be able to keep up with everything here. 

Musing rocks. Let's all hope for the best in the future of 2019. Steem hopefully is gonna go up to the sky and we all can be worth at least something. Now I am still only worth some rocks. hahaha.. Maybe some day I can be worth a bar of gold. 

to me , musing is the best Dapp ever and i can boastfully say its one of the reasons why some people are still on steemit platform

i think musing is one of the best Dapps so far for me.. it as given me a lot of way to practically earn a lot from steemit. i never thought i could make it on steemit until i was introduced to musing, then i got to know that i could have a future on steemit.

i was already on the verge of living steemit for good before i was introduced to musing. To be honest, musing is the best Dapp steemit ever had or ever released .. 

musing practically enable you to ask question on issues that are unclear to you and you get to be answered from different perspective from different people from different countries. its brings about the amalgamation of different ideas from different perspectives on an issue and also by asking questions and answering them, you get to earn.

thanks for reading 

I sincerely believe that musing.io is a great unique platform which is present on the steem blockchain,i believe that musing.io have good curators that are doing a lovely job and i also believe that this platform will have a better

future,i believe that this platform should have a feature whereby there is a maximum number of posts that each user can create daily,this might sound like a difficult decision to take but trust me that will help to prevent spam or totally reduce spam on this platform,and also i think that

musing.io should create a feature that will enable people to be able to directly register an account on the platform without going through the week delay of registration approval on steemit...i believe this will attract more users to this platform and also the steem blockchain as a whole...

Musing.io is the best antidote from shitposting on Steem because you can find questions or answers when you have no idea. 

Sometimes your answer can become a quality blog post because you are literally answering a question. Most of the time I have no idea so I just answer few question that I can think of answering in order to give more value to the blockchain.

I love it.

On other q&a platforms such as Quora, you only get upvotes which in value amounts to nothing. While on Musing, you get paid to do the same.