Does the comparison of musing and quora is valid?

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Yes. Both of them are Q&A platforms. Hence we can easily compare between the two. There are a few differences:

1. Musing is built on the Steem Blockchain while Quora is owned by a private firm.

2. On Musing you can get rewards for asking questions and answering others while on Quora, no such mechanism is available as of now. You can only earn through influencing and for that, you need to have thousands of active followers.

3. Quora has been in the business since 2010 hence, it is more feature rich and musing was created in 2018 so it is quite new.

Overall both the websites are trying to achieve the same thing and both of them have their pros and cons. 


While as a matter of fact comparing Musing with Quora could be done. While they do have similar properties in use case. 

  • Both are Q & A platform.
  • In both platforms users are getting their confusion cleared 
  • Users are answering and helping others

On the other hand there are  quite a lot of differences between Musing and Quora

  • Quora is centralized whereas Musing is not
  • Users of Quora are not getting anything in return by asking/answering questions whereas in Musing users gets rewarded for the contributions that they make.

We do have to accept that Musing is still in early stage to give any kind of competition to Qoura but the users who have used Quora and Musing they are are getting to know the difference and ultimately at some point we might see a huge surge of users in here. It could take 5 years or more but it will happen at some point. (depending on the price of crypto and the users)

One of the most important thing is that Quora is way ahead of Musing and they have a very strong traffic according to Alexa rank they are at the global Rank of 94 and the user traffic is  much more compared to Musing.

Musing is at you can see below.  While maybe due to the price drop we are seeing decrease of users on the platform. We still have a long way to go and it will take a lot of time to make users be at Musing.While quora has been on its journey for  long time now where Musing just started its journey and by the start of it we are doing good but not well enough. Might be the price of crypto which deprived many users using Musing/Steem Blockchain for a short amount of time but yeah once crypto rises we will see much more advancements in the traffic and the global Rank of ours.

While not only rewards will make users attracted to this platform but we do need more marketing and focus for Musing.io in order to get some focus outside of Steem Blockchain. 

So yeah comparing them can be done but as of now Quora is way ahead in many outlets !!

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Of course. They are very similar platforms - the big difference being that Musing offers incentives in the terms of crypto for users engaging on the platform. In my opinion this makes a HUGE difference, as users are more likely to think in more depth and offer better answers if they are competing for rewards.

Quora is well established, and Musing is still in its infancy. I think that in the next few years Musing can grow and really compete with Quora for the top spot in this space.


Both are compareable as both are question answer website. However These are different in working. Quora runs on centralized system whereas musing is operating on steem block chain. Blockchain website offers reward to their user. Quora is offering no rewards to its user. People self motivation made them busy in answering but for musing beside self motivation reward options are also available which means involvement of more people. Involvement of more people makes it better as it is sharing ideas of more people. But still musing s in the process of gaming popularity and Quora is a popular website. So, musing is far behind Quora but the way musing is gaining popularity it will cross quora


My Answer to this statement would be that Quora is a highly informative and a stabilized platform and on the other hand Musing is still developing but i'm sure that the competitiveness between both of these great platforms will increase as there's nothing more exciting and interesting than getting Rewarded for your efforts! Which is fulfilled by platforms like Musing, Steemit and other platforms on the Steem Blockchain!

Hope you got the answer to your question my friend! Wish you a happy journey on the Steem Blockchain.


Yeah I think it is. After all they are both Q&A sites. They both serve the same purpose but musing is better and I'll explain why. Musing has something quora has never and will probably never have. 


The promise of upvotes and the potential money that can be made is great incentive for those of us answering questions on this site. It is a great way to boost zeal and to encourage hard work when answering questions. This is something that quora lacks and is a huge advantage musing has over it. There are people who make good money from this site by simply answering questions. The more time you spend the more you make. Everybody knows that it's better to do something and make money from it than to do it for free. And that's exactly musing and quora.


Well quora and musing are platforms that are based on knowledge sharing through questions and answers ,but musing.io is built on the steem blockchain and users can earn some incentives through sharing knowledge on the platform and quora does not offer such,quora and musing have some similarity but musing.io ofgers more benefits...