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Should my SteemIt blog be focused on one topic?
Many people will say yes. I plan to use this platform as a creating curator. The type of content may have different subjects but it's all in the same same vein. We love cooking but were also tech savy. We smoke bud but we're also health conscious. There are so many things that we love and believe can add value to you as content, whether through photography, video, or asking question like this. This is a new platform and we're gonna do things our own way. Why should we limit ourselves? Good content is good content.

There are times when it makes sense. If you are building up a brand, then it should be focused, or at least compartmentalized, meaning that there are themes or regular patterns, like if Mondays you do something Tech related and Friday's something lighter like Music for example. If it's somewhat predictable, then even if they don't like one of your themes they can simply skip that one.  Consistency in a brand is important and keeps followers interested and engaged.

I personally just post whatever I want, whenever I want, because I'm not posting for anyone but myself. If there is something that is really great, people will spread it on their own. Otherwise I do it so people that follow get to know more about me and what I do, or at least whatever I choose to reveal. 

So I guess, it depends on how you want to present your content, and what goals you have for the blog.


You can talk about one topic on your Steemit  blog  or you can talk about everything that you love. It's up to you to make the final decision. 

Ok, you are passionate about photography, podcast and video. You can do all these things based on your niche. You can still focus on one thing and do everything. You can also create separate account focusing on your different niche. Then your audience will know what you talk about on your blog. You will get niche based audience.

On the other hand, you can do everything on your Steemit blog that you like. Your Steemit blog would be all about you, your life and your passion. That's alright.

The important thing is that you have to decide how you want to represent yourself. Do what you like best.

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I don't think that's for anyone but you to decide. 

If you go by statistics on what sells, remind yourself you're coming inhere after more than two years (i think heh), and unless you got a wad to invest on promotion there's ten's of thousands who go by the same statistics you do, the <i>things that sell</i>, so you will be running behind them, like microsoft trying to get into the mobile market (EL-MAO @ satellius) for instance.

I think your blog should be you, if you are restricted to one topic then it will automatically be, if you are not then it's not but whatever it is, if it's you then you won't burnout <b>trying</b> because you don't have to

because what you do is you


If you are all about only one topic then sure. Hardfork 20 is coming up Sept. 25 and if you change your mind later and want to do a second topic you can use the new resource credits to create a second discounted steemit account for the additional topic.


Depends on your choice, it should not be on just one topic but if you want to focus on a topic that will definitely be your choice, you can talk about another of things on your blog, you can create another of awareness on your blog, so it's all depends on what you love