Should the American voting system run on blockchain?

Any voting system should be run on the blockchain. Just imagine a national election using blockchain technology where every vote is recorded. Voter fraud can be made totally non-existent!

Blockchain is a relatively new concept, one that has caught a lot of attention and has been instrumential in raising a lot of money for ICOs. The obsession lies with the fact that it’s a new way of doing something that was not practiced before. Having digital ledgers with public accountability and records of transactions with a scoop of cryptography gets a lot of people excitied. There are no hierarchies and centralized figures in this system. A trustless, peer-2-peer blockchain empowers the users.

This is just the beginning and as blockchain evolves, so will the real world use-cases and applications, and voting will be one area influenced by blockchain. 

Yes american voting system should 100% run on blockchain becauss looking at the past there were some problems occuring in the real voting machine or any man can try to cheat of do anything with the voting system. But if there is a blockchain technology then there will be less uss of machinea and it will also reduce the costing of machine and there will be a new system implemented in voting. In blockchain technology keeps the data of even past 100 years of voting and can be in public but the real data of voting machine will be lost whenever the machine gefs failed. So there should be blockchain technology used in public voting system in america.


The blockchain checks all the boxes of what voting should be about. Votes should be public, able to be easily counted and tracked to a certain region, and public. The blockchain is able to fill these boxes, with many great developers available if the blockchain is attacked.

Will the American voting system ever transfer? No, of course not. The people with money don't like to lose power, so they will do everything in their current power to keep it from becoming public and therefore less corrupt.


Ideally yes except for what I consider to be one huge problem. If the blockchain is public and voters names can be associated with votes then it's a bad idea. The American voting system is based on the secret ballot. Who I vote for in a political election is my business and nobody else's. If someone can deduce from data mining the blockchain how to associate a voter's identity to their vote then the data miner can look back on the blockchain and get an entire history of how I or someone else has voted in the past and I consider that an invasion of privacy.

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Yes, why not. It would definitely be a transparent one with no possibility of fraud.


Yes. Voting systems are a perfect example of a constructive use case for blockchain and cryptography. Blockchain is an immutable audit trail. Using zero-knowledge-proofs, the entire voting process can be made mathematically verifiably correct while maintaining vote secrecy even if all votes are cast electronically. The only reason such systems are not under construction in developed countries is that it's a novel concept and that vested interests might want to preserve the possibility of making ballots disappear if need be. 


No because your vote should be private. Voter verification to get rid of fraud should be implamented though.