Are there any rules on musing.io that enable one get upvotes from musing on every answer posted and question asked?

No,  there is no way to enable someone to get upvotes all the time and I think that it would be unfair if something like this were to happen. I am really grateful to the moderators that they have made the system fair and rewarding.

Each and every question/answer is judged on its merits. It will only get an upvote if it deserves one. The answers and questions are rewarded based on their relevance,  quality, detail, language, etc. These are all criteria that the curators have to look for in an answer before awarding any upvotes. This also means that both the questions and answers have to be read by the curators before any curation can be done. This in itself is an extremely daunting task.

If someone want upvotes, then they should follow these guidelines provided by musing,io:

  • What makes a good quality question? 
    • Starts with who, what when, where why rather than “bitcoin good?”
    • Has proper grammar, spelling punctuation
    • Is clear and specific enough to garner a mutual understanding between the asker and responder. 
    • Be respectful in your questions, do not make assumptions about race, religion, sex etc..
    • Use the search feature and make sure your question has not already been answered.  
    • Questions can be about anything you want to know! 
  • What makes a good quality answer
    • Good quality answers grab the attention of the reader without being spammy or click-baity
    • Answer the question that has been asked. Refrain from going off on a tangent unless it provides clarity or an example supporting the answer. 
    • Provide insight and support to opinion based questions 
    • Formatting should be neat and help guide the reader through the answer
    • Quality answers do not have a minimum length, but providing insight and elaboration to a “yes/no” answer can be much more helpful.
    • Be original!

 SOURCE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WKYGhdPhLKNHytsxAPPQiXyv5UBY6nUKM8IhG5PUgfA/edit 


This is a question every curious and serious person should ask, I had to constantly ask myself a similar question when I first got into steemit, and only then did I gradually begin to get a hang of the platform. 

I've always known there was a dapp called musing, but I never did really check it out until recently, then I caught a glimpse of how things were ran. To be honest with you, there is no one rule to get upvotes from musing, the surest way so far has still been to be original and creatively direct in your question and answers, your answers should be valuable and meaningful to the question, your questions or answers should be respectful and unbiased, these are common things a moderator should consider. 

I wouldn't expect there to be a rule for getting upvotes, else we are playing ourselves. I hope this will help you recalibrate your focus into contributing more originally to the platform. 


I am not aware of such rule on musing and I don't find it logical either.

I don't know on what criteria the upvotes are given and if there is manual curation involved or just a bot.

There might happen for some to get upvoted for every answer or quesstion asked due to the fact that their answers are well written and documented and that the questions are incentive. 

You should know though that not all the answers are upvoted by musing. Some choose to share their threads on their blog and thus they get upvotes from their followers also.

There is also the situation of users paying for bid bots to have some of their answers boosted and massively upvote so you should look carefully at the upvotes.

I though also at the beginning that musing was giving too big upvotes to some users and too small for others but it's actually not. 

I don't think any user in here gets auto upvoted by musing. 


Upvote from musing.io is not guaranteed.  

However, there are two way by which upvotes can be earned.

First through asking questions. Before asking questions following should be kept in mind.

Question should be relevant.

Avoid asking repeated question.

Question asked should be clear and properly described.

Second way of getting upvtoes is by answering the questions asked by the user. Following should be kept in mind while answering:

Answer given should be relevant to the question asked.

Given complete explanation of answer for better understanding.

Avoid coping others content. Otherwise you will be flagged.