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Do you think the advancement of technology will cause unemployment?
The world is advancing and a lot of technological gadgets are been created to ease production of certain products. What do you think is the future of those who are working for these firms or companies that are affected by these technological advancements.

It will lead to unemployment in some areas - areas that robots can directly replace humans, such as factory lines and automated tasks. However, the flipside of this is that it will create jobs in areas such as coding, and development (as there has to be people able to code the robots, program them, and come up with new innovations.

As we move further into the future it seems that jobs such as coding will become evermore in demand, and there will be endless opportunities in these areas. I think we should be encouraging more and more younger people to become involved in coding for this reason.

I work in education, and I think that these types of roles (education, health etc) wont be majorly affected by technology, as they provide the human element, Maybe in  the far future we will have robot doctors, and teachers,  but I dont think they will ever completly replace these jobs that rely on the human factor


Advancements in robotics, are already are replacing jobs, and this will likely continue to advance rapidly. 

When artificial intelligence becomes a factor in this process, we will see an even greater amount of jobs replaced.

Such an environment would leave us without much choice but to digitally compete, as the physical labors, will no longer be at play.  If such an environment becomes a reality, we are already at an advantage to digitally compete with others, because we are testing this sort of economic system as we communicate with each other right now!



It has to and is happening already. The companies want to employ the latest technology at the expense of the work force. You can't really blame them as it would create more profits.

People are there own worst enemy. I had  a workforce of over a 100 and if i had the opportunity to replace them I would. Between the go slows to try and turn a normal day into an overtime shift and the absenteeism it was a total nightmare.

The advancement of technology has started to happen in manufacturing and lower skilled jobs. The truck riving jobs are on the chopping block as driver less trucks are coming. This will grow into other fields and huge unemployment is coming for the masses.

I can see countries having to pay a set salary to those who have lost their jobs and maybe retrained into other industries. More and more will be doing something from home.

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Technology is killing employment for therefore several centuries. simply deem it.

when automobile was unreal for the primary time within the world, all the bullock carts’ riders faced state.

When significant machines were unreal for agriculture functions, the labours faced huge state.

When somebody created a web looking app like Amazon, Flipkart, retailers face issues in their business.

When somebody created Associate in Nursing app known as Uber or writing paper, taxi drivers face state.

When somebody unreal tv, Radio went obscurity.

When computers were initial unreal and have become thought, ton of individuals doing clerical work lost their jobs. ( as a result of computers will complete the work additional quicker, additional accurately, and additional with efficiency than folks.)

Yes, I agree that with the inventions of latest technologies some jobs were lost, however we tend to all ought to keep in mind that some jobs were created additionally.

Lot of individuals add industry. They adjusted.

Lot of taxi drivers became Ola/Uber Drivers. They adjusted.

With the assistance of tv, publicity became Associate in Nursing thought trade. these days publicity trade is giving employment to ton of individuals.

Ultimately technology makes human life higher. that's what all we want.

Now the answer is that either {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} complain and die otherwise you can fight back and change. it's however you answer the technological innovations not however you react to the technological innovation. the long run is nevertheless to come back.

Artificial Intelligence goes to require over hundred of thousands of jobs. Google and Uber area unit performing on their driverless cars. currently drivers ought to recognize the advancements acquisition in their field and will work consequently. Either they will complain or they will realize the simplest way.


Technology is executing work for such a basic number of numerous years. Fundamentally consider it.

precisely when auto was imagined uncommon for the world, all the bullock trucks' riders gone up against joblessness.

Precisely when significant machines were imagined for farming purposes, the works resisted tremendous joblessness.

When somebody made a web shopping application like Amazon, Flipkart, retailers are resisting issues in their business.

When somebody made an application called Uber or Ola, cab drivers are facing joblessness.

When somebody made Television, Radio went no place.

Right when PCs were first conceived and progressed toward getting the opportunity to be standard, some segment of individuals doing administrative work lost their occupations. ( in light of the way that PCs can finish the work considerably more snappier, even more unequivocally, and more proficiently than people.)

Really, I concur that with the advancements of new types of progress two or three organizations were lost, yet we by and large need to survey that a few occupations were made too.

Some bit of individuals work in vehicle industry. They balanced.

Some bit of cabbies progressed toward getting the opportunity to be Ola/Uber Drivers. They balanced.

With the assistance of TV, plug changed into a standard industry. Today headway industry is advancing work to heap of individuals.

At long last headway improves human life. That is the thing that all we require.

Before long the arrangement is that possibly you can fuss and kick the can or you can battle back and change. It is the strategies by which you react to the mechanical types of progress not how you respond to the mechanical headway. What's to come is yet to come.

Robotized thinking will expect control hundred of thousands of occupations. Google and Uber are handling their driverless autos. Before long drivers should know the developments causing in their field and should work in like way. It is possible that they can gripe or they can discover a way.

Robot mechanization is rising quickly in gathering field. There is eatery called Zume Pizza I California,USA. To reduce work costs, they are enabling robots to make their pizzas.

You will always need to fathom the reaction for mechanical advancement. That is the best way to deal with free undertaking. You can love it or abhor it at any rate can't disregard it. Since free endeavor will be there for coming numerous years. I know the fact of the matter is hard, in any case we need to remember it everything considered.


Degrees of headway in front line a concentrated effort abundancy, are beginning at now are replacing affiliations, and this will no ifs ands or buts keep progressing quickly.

Right when modernized thinking changes into a factor in this structure, we will see a thoroughly more recognizable level of occupations dislodged.

Such a zone would spurn us missing much decision yet to unequivocally fight, as the physical works, will never again be at play. In the event that such a condition changes into a reality, we are beginning at now at perfect position to intentionally fight with others, since we are endeavoring this kind of cash related structure as we visit with one another starting at now.