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How can I support "musing" dapp in the stateofthedapps.com ? Can you give me the details of how to do that?

I'm assuming that when you say "support" Musing.io, you meant help it go up in the rankings? If that's the case, then the best way to help Musing.io is to continue being active in the platform everyday--asking question, answering questions, upvoting questions and answers, and replying to answers directly on the Musing.io platform, not anywhere else--and by promoting Musing.io to other users.

From what I understand, the data used to determine rankings at StateoftheDapps.com are User Activity, Developer Activity, and the volume of cryptocurrency (STEEM and SBD) transfers from all accounts through the Musing.io app/website. Out of these three variables, the only one users like you and me can affect is User Activity--we can't impact Developer Activity because we're not part of the development team and  we can't impact the volume of crypto transfers since there is no mechanism to do that through the Musing.io app/website. 

So, any support must come in the way of helping increase user activity. We can do this in one of two ways. 

First, we can increase our own activity in Musing.io. That means posting questions, answering questions, upvoting questions and answers, and replying to answers. All These actions can help increase the number of transactions conducted here and consequently, increase user activity for Musing.io. A caveat though is that these actions must be done in the Musing.io website directly. You can't go to Steemit.com and upvote a Musing.io post there. That won't count towards Musing.io's activity. Instead that will count towards Steemit.com's activity. So, just login to Musing.io everyday and interact. That will be a big help, as far as StateoftheDapps.com Rankings are concerned.

Another way to support Musing.io will be to promote it to other Steemians and to everyone else, in general. Mention Musing.io in your blog posts, talk about it in Discord, etc. One the things sorely lacking here are active users. A few months back, there were around 300 to 400 unique users posting on Musing.io. After the delegation was pulled out, the user activity went down drastically. In fact, according to StateoftheDapps.com, there were only 31 unique users in the platform in the last 24 hours. So, we need to encourage other Steemians to check out Musing.io and at the same time, try to get new users into the platform, too. 

Easier said than done, I know. But every little bit counts. What's important is that the platform stays active. 

Hope this helps.