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Should We Be Content With What We Have Or Should We Want More??
It's very difficult for us to live content with all the info and people around us telling us we need more. Personally I lean towards being content with what I have although I'm not going to lie and say there are not times where I want more out of life. Not necessarily more possessions though. Is this a struggle for you? Should we be content or want more in life?

You should be content with what you have, with who you are, with where you are.

Yet, you should strive to improve yourself. On all levels. Being content means knowing your current situation, and accepting it. It will set your base, and it will give you a feeling of, contentment. From there, you can start improving, which you should always strive to do.


I don't think that's as much a choice as the question presupposes. To change our level of satisfaction in what we have is largely a consequence of temperament or whatever issues we may have developed. If you think always wanting more has gone too far in your life, then you can and should develop your gratitude and appreciation for what you already have. I suppose it's possible to suffer from the opposite problem as well. Some people lack drive and focus and that may not lead them to a good place in the long run. 

But I do believe that it is far more common for people to be too dissatisfied with what they have. That's because modern society and the capitalist economy are built around feeding people's dissatisfaction and creating all kinds of unnecessary wants out of thin air through advertising. The advertising industry uses sophisticated tools based on the work of the brightest of behavioral psychologists and implemented in online advertising by many of the best software engineers and designers on the planet. I think it is only good for our mental health and well-being to pull away from the grid every once in a while and question it. The Borg collective or the Matrix are in some senses fitting metaphors of our way of life. Our consciousness is subject to intense and constant feeds of precisely engineered information flows, the purpose which is to squeeze every last bit of profit out of us.


I think people can be content and still be ambitious as well. Just because you have a certain amount of money in your bank account or maybe you have a particular position in your office doesn't mean that you can't be content with it but still aspire for something more. It's just like saying you've eaten something but and you're satisfied, but you still have a little space for some more so you can decide to eat some more or just stop eating entirely.

Personally I believe in being content with what you have, but never closing off the possibility of having more. The world is changing every day and what may seem like it's enough today may become nothing tomorrow, so always striving to have more is a must for me.

The trick is to find the balance between being content with what you have and aspiring to be more than what you are. Personally I'm thankful and happy with what I have because I know that there are alot of people who don't have up to what I have, but at the same time I know things can be better and I can make it better so when the opportunity presents itself I try to get more.

If things don't work out and I end up not getting what I wanted I don't feel bad because I'm content with what I have already. My plan is to be make sure that I have everything that I NEED and be content with that, but still strive to get everything I WANT, that way, even if I don't get everything that I want, I'll still be satisfied knowing that I have everything I need.

I hope this helps.


In the many different areas of life there are some things we need to be content with and things where we need to be discontent or greedy for.

Generally, it is morally better to be content and not greedy. But in some cases, where the resources are not enough it is not encouraged to be content.

In the area of wealth and material acquisition, it may be better and cautious to not be to greedy and discontent when the resources are already enough for the person and their family. Note that resources are never enough for our insatiable wants and desires, therefore what I meant is when the resources are enough for our needs which are the very important wants.

But in the aspect of knowledge and experience, it is best to always be discontent and thirsty for knowledge particularly when we know it is a suitable knowledge that will benefit us. Because these are what will develop and liberate us and our societies from ignorance since no knowledge is ever wasted. Therefore, It is always better for us to be curious and want to learn new things and skills. Although there is the saying that "curiosity killed the cat" This does not applies to knowledge but only to people who like poking their noses into worldly matters that do not concern them.

But in the aspect of status and power, it is better and beneficial to be content with one's position in the society. It is better to not be greedy for status and power because it usually brings destruction to those who are greedy for it and it brings fame to those who rightly earned it.


It depends on what you really want to be content with. If everyone was contented about the way things are right now, innovations would cease and moving forward might not happen at all. Wanting more creates a necessity which triggers drive for innovation. If we listened to the fools that claimed man has invented everything it needs already, assume we are all fools now because that statement existed 1800's

When you are discontented about something, make sure you are being discontented for reasons that the need is sensible and makes you become better. If you're not performing well or your life sucks right now, it's normal to be discontent and try to rid yourself off that feeling by doing something purposeful. We don't have to look at discontent as something negative when that negative energy is only meant to transiently motivate us to do better.


We should want more in a good way and not in a greedy wanting more way. Because when we want more it keeps us motivated to get that thing that we want. When we become contented with what we have, we stop doing, we stop learning.


Should we be content or should we want more?
That's a tough one.
Which makes me redirect us to Abraham maslows hierarchical   tree of need. Mans physiological needs is very insatiable.
For a person to be content means you have all you ever want which is kind of impossible with the world that we live in. Prices of material and amenities increases. So we have to want more.
My advice is actually that we should want more and when we do not get more, we should be content with it.
But looking at it, getting contented helps us to build up that spiritual aspect of our lives more than the material part of it. Life is beautiful. Be content with what you have now and at the same time, want more with intelligence that would make you not to lost your soul in luxury or the insatiable need loops.