What Are Some Amazing Steem DApps/Projects that launched recently?
Name some recently launched applications or projects on Steem that you think can succeed in the long run.

Share2Steem for me.

Given the popularity of Instagram as the most prominent social media in the world, I believe connecting it with the STEEM blockchain is a choice that cannot be rejected.

While we are socializing, we can contribute to the STEEM network, and capture various important moments in our lives.


Yeah, I'd go with  Oracle-d and  AGFAcademy myself. Both will contribute the most to the future strength of the entire blockchain.


Oracle-d and  AGFAcademy, hands down!


Oracle-d. They are trying to bring value to steem by bringing investors on board as well as many other projects


For me the project that I love are @oracle-d and @steempress-io

because Oracle-d make some project and find investor to make Steem better and high quality. While Steempress, we can publish our content on two part  at the same time, in Wordpress and Blockchain. So that it will make Steem ecosistem wider and advance~



It's a dapp with a merchant-based approach.

It was announced at the just concluded steemfest. They have also published a whitepaper

Currently, they are accepting delegations.

Anothers are Steemmonsters and Musing.

I believe these two also have great potential for growth