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How do you motivate yourself to keep going to the GYM everyday or workout daily?
What motivation techniques one can use to keep pushing yourself to hit the gym daily at least for 45 mins to 1 hour. I want to take my body from a bad shape to a good one and keep it that way. But I sometimes I do not find time or zeal to hit the gym. I am too lazy to workout at home!

The principle of exercising is very difficult, because you must follow a routine, you must exercise and some are very exhausting. But everything can be done with dedication.

If you are here asking how to be motivated to go to the gym, it means that you really want to do it, that's a start.

It can help you to go with a person, a friend, a family member, whatever it is, doing exercise together is more entertaining and much more if you are starting.

You can make a playlist with music that motivates you, that makes you dance, that makes you move and may help you to be able to do those routines that are so strong that they make you sweat.

On Youtube there are motivational videos, you can see them before training or when you do not feel like training.

Remember why you are training, you can place a note in the refrigerator where you have your routine of the week, you can put "1 hour of exercise, lower foods that have a lot of sugar or fat, learn new exercises and form more routines"

Something that motivates me is to see super-accomplished exercises, I want to try and see that I can not do it, because I practice and practice until I can do it, do not settle for simple exercises, look for more exercises and if they are very difficult to You, train until you achieve it.

The gym is not only to see you well, it is also to make you feel better and have a healthier life, when you see the results of your training, I promise that from there, nothing will stop you from training.

Good Luck.


I have worked out at a gym for more than ten years. The first year, I have to admit is going to be really rough and tough. The start of it is really tough and at times depressing.

I still remember when I was really fat and I just started working out. After seven months of working out. I started my gym regime at home at that time. So. Seven months into my workout, I could literally see no results. Just a bit. I was quite sad. I wanted to give up. But I was thinking that. Why not just continue. Already many months into working out. Then I just continued.

If you happen to look at those YouTube videos and see those fitness gurus in their fit shape, usually they have had been working out for years. Many have taken supplements and pills and injections to enhance their asthetics.

Make it a habit to show up at the gym. If you can't afford any instructor, just watch YouTube. Many good things to learn from the fitness channels other than injecting steroids. A lot of the gym goers are usually more than willing to teach you all those proper techniques and methods to training. I learnt a lot from them.

If you want to lose weight fast, try to do more cardio like skipping rope and intense jogging.

Food - what we eat becomes what out body is. Skip all sugary drinks. Sugar is one of those main causes of obesity. It is worst than eating fatty food.

Keep it up. And never give up. Try to reduce screen time.


That's a good question that I also wanted to ask myself. Being motivated to keep going to gym everyday would be difficult but we should try to find one. My boyfriend keeps on motivating me to exercise because I have been gaining a lot of weight and he is very keen on exercising . Even if I am tired he keeps on telling me to get up and do exercise and because of that I feel motivated to work out.


before, I have something in common with you. At first I was very lazy to go to the gym. even though I really want to have a good body shape. and finally I find out what other benefits of doing a gym besides having a good body. and I found many benefits from this gym. which is beneficial to prevent premature aging, can straighten a bent spine to be straight, useful to relieve stress, prevent the increase of cholesterol, prevent the occurrence of diabetes, and many other benefits.

and I also asked my boyfriend, does he like men with muscular bodies? he replied that he really liked men who had muscular bodies.

after reading the benefits of the gym, and asking my girlfriend, I became excited to go to the gym. and now I spend more than 1 hour going to the gym. that's my motivation to go to the gym.


Best motivation : think about your sixpack body, and your girlfriend will say "Hello my Smexy boy".  Haha, i think that is the best motivation.

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I jump rope 100 reps times 10 sets every evening (1000x) as a workout routine. I started out small, 50 reps times 10 sets and I went up from there. The first few months were tough : Tripping, shin splints, the whips from the rope from bad positioning, but as I went on and adjusted workouts and recovery days I noticed that my ankles are stronger and can take better impact from more reps. Eventually I stopped alternating my workout days and did it everyday instead. The real motivation for me here is knowing that there is actual results from perseverance. You get hurt, heal, and become stronger. Don't stop. Whether if it's in the gym or outdoors, keep going, and sooner or later getting up and get fit will be second nature to you.