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What happens if tomorrow, @ned steps down as CEO of Steemit INC.?
Don't put too much pressure on him please. :P We don't want that kind of news!

Like every corporate entity, Steemit will continue to strive ahead if @ ned exited for any reason.

Indeed Steem would be more priced as many do think , right now that @ned has been complicit in the southward movement of Steem . Though , this has not been empericaly Concluded.

Whoever steps into the Office of @ned would want to crest his name in gold by moving up Steemit up from its present average performance.

So, while not angling for @neds exit , his owster will not cost me a second of sleep!!

We all love @ned, hence we are not advocating his Ouster!!


I don't think such will be happening anytime soon. Steemit is still very young and still needs the creativeness of the initiator to keep some aspects of its operations running smoothly. Even if Ned, the CEO of steemit Inc is going to step down, he must have put things and people in place to ensure that steemit run smoothly on his absence before doing such. Though Ned isn't going to step down because steemit needs him


@Hungrypb, We are in an Decentralised Economy and no matter what it will keep on going until communities are staying. So don't think Steemit as Steem. Stay blessed. 🙂