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Can Sawpsteem be a comprehensive solution for exchange covering cryptos, fiat, ERC20 tokens, EOS tokens, p2p etc, ?

Yes it could be, but it is too early to make a call like that. The start has been good and if the progress will be definite and focused to what it has referred in its site, then definitely in my opinion it is a great development within steem ecosystem. I really like the multiple facets of the exchange of swapsteem. In crypto ecossytem there has been a surge of second layer economy through dapps and these second layer economy should have to be covered by the exchange facilities so that there will be an ubiquitious exchange of crypto assets in between users. Swapseteem has really added this facet in its exchange in addition to traditional crypto exchnages and p2p exchanges and if it successfully brings that on board, then it will be very close to something what we have been waiting for quite some time. 

We can see there are many blockchains these days with dapps and their own tokens. So it apparent that the exchanges must come along with it easily for users and if that can be facilitated at first place then the ecosystem will definitely find it very smooth and appealing. It will help to expand the economy also. I hope swapsteem will deliver all those dimensions of exchanges what it has mentioned it its site and if it really facilitates those then it will be recognized as a comprehensive exchange solution within this ecosystem.