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How do you see the recent launch of "Crypto to fiat visa debit card" by coinbase for UK customers? The big question is why did it choose UK over other countries?

This is really a good move by coinbase and it will certainly help in mass adoption of crypto. I have read about it. The card issuance fee is set as 4.95 pound and the transactions do not incur any fees. However if a transaction is reverted then there is a penalty of 20 pounds. If someone will wish to pay via crypto then there will be instant conversion of crypto to fiat and the crypto amount shall get debited immediately. It really feels good whenever there is a bridge between crypto to fiat and this really paves the way for the real world use cases and if we genuinely think about mass adoption, all such moves will play a greater role.

I think they have chosen UK very wisely, although they have said that they will be targeting more EU countries but the choice of UK at the moment is little tricky one by them. As we all know there has been a lot of happenings around brexit and the brexit is going to be delayed.  As the brexit is getting more uncertain and getting extended, it may so happen that people may prefer to move their fiat to crypto which is looking pretty good now and that could be one the reason to why coinbase choose UK as its entry point for this. But whatever it is, I still look upon it as a great and welcome move. It will definitely help mass adoption.