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Is the objective behind China's Belt & Road Initiative is to enhance and expand business in the region or is there some other hidden agenda like expanding & establishing new colonial power ?

The Belt and Road initiative is all about expanding China's influence in other regions.

Originally it was rolled out as supplying aid to areas that needed assistance and China needed raw materials for it's huge industries. They would target certain countries helping them develop their infrastructure.

It has changed though and it is more of a debt trap. China was seen to be helping Africa grow, but realistically they are only helping themselves. Roads and Ports are being built at huge expenses to the country who they are "assisting" but it really benefits them claiming whatever raw materials are around.

These countries are going further and further into debt and end up owing the Chinese a small fortune. Some countries now owe China their entire GDP and have no future of getting out of the debt.

If we look at Sri Lanka having to lease the port that the Chinese built for them for free over a 100 year lease. Angola is now having to sell it's oil reserves to the Chinese at cost. Zambia has handed over it'd government run Electricity company to the Chinese as part payment to their debts.

The Chinese benefit two fold from these deals. They supply the labor to build what is required giving their people and businesses guaranteed work. Once the work is completed they end up obtaining whatever raw materials are available for next to nothing due to the debt.

Mozambique is the next target as oil reserves have been discovered. These are materials that China need and wants so they will be involved helping the Mozambicans get deeper into debt.

Most of the countries that have dealt with the Chinese doing these one sided deals are mainly corrupt countries. These governments don't care what is going to happen further down the line and the ones who suffer are the people in those countries.

This Belt and Road Initiative is how China wants to expand it's industries and at the same time are controlling other countries now. We will see more and more Chinese living in these countries having a  big influence over them. Sierra Leone is already having a large Chinese community today.