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Is there any ways to get 300 followers with 2 days in steemit?

Yes it's pretty easy actually. 

First you make sure you have enough steem power. Then you mass follow thousands of accounts with a bot. Until you follow everyone who is still active on steemit. (don't follow death accounts)

Then you sent them all a 0.001 steem memo to their wallet that they need to follow you to receive updates. 

You now have >300 followers in 2 days.


You can amass followers pretty quickly on Steemit with a few different techniques, but 300 in 2 days might be a stretch.

One way is to mass follow people - follow thousands of accounts and it is amazing that people follow back without even looking at your content. This might generate followers but they probably wont be genuine and wont even look at your content.

If you want to get 300 genuine followers then it will take more than 2 days and will come from commenting and upvoting content. If you engage with people and show an interest they often follow you. Being active in Discord can also help.

My Question is why? Why do you want 300 followers in 2 days? Followers on Steemit dont mean much - I have over 1000 and only feel that 10% (at the most!) show any interest in what I am writing and sharing. Many are bots or accounts that are inactive.


I don't know if it's possible to do in two days, but there would seem to be a few ways to make it happen as quickly as possible.

—Comment a lot on other people's posts consistently so they know you exist, and then create posts that people want to read. This would be the recommended way.

—Go to Discord and join different groups, promoting your content and seeing if you can't pick up some followers that way. I'm not a fan of this option, but it is a form of networking and a lot of people apparently do it.

—Bring a following with you from somewhere else on Social Media, such as Facebook or YouTube. Some have managed to do this, others not so much.

—Follow a bunch of people and hope they just automatically follow you back. This I don't recommend at all, but there's nothing to stop anyone from doing it and plenty of people have. Some accounts just auto follow, and so there's undoubtedly some of those already.

Now that I believe I've answered the question, I guess I would note here that gaining followers isn't necessarily the objective here, as there aren't a whole lot of people who pay attention to their feeds. Most likely, they've followed so many other users, into the hundreds or thousands, that it's impossible to keep up with them all, and thus, unlikely they will see more than one or two percent of what comes through there if they did.

As someone who does the exact opposite—I'm currently following less than 40, but I've tried over 50 for a while—it's rather maddening. Follow to be followed never really works anywhere, and less here, so I'm not sure why people keep doing it.

As it is, you can set up a notification service like GINAbot on Discord to beep you when someone you want to follow posts, and likewise, they can do the same thing for you, if they're so inclined. Also, depending on the times you post and engage with others, will largely determine who will end up upvoting you, and rather than following you, they may just put you on autovote, since many do that rather than manually curate.

Anyway, there's the options as I see them, as well as my two cents worth on the usefulness of having followers.


300 followers in two days! Wow, this sounds like an Herculean task, however, I don't doubt the possibility.

One, to have quick followers, check out posts on #inyroduceyourself and #introducemyself tags. Make good comments to welcome newbies and upvote their posts as well, they'll find that encouraging and one of the ways to appreciate that will be to give you a follow.

Two, you can follow a bunch of people randomly. Some will follow back, you'll also get follow backs from people on auto follow back. Then after a while you can unfollow those who didn't follow back. I don't really like this method, but it could be helpful.

Three, make reasonable and meaningful comments on people's posts consistently. It increases your level of engagement, and most people appreciate that.

Finally, the best way is to consistently publish quality posts, and if possible have it sponsored to trending page. This will earn you followers and more people would want to enjoy similar contents from you subsequently.

Thank you for reading.


- Buy them. Easiest way.

- Create 300 accounts and follow yourself. 

But those two are terrible ways to do it.

Create quality content and boost it to trending, others will actually follow you because they like your content and see it in the trending tab.

You can also interact with others. Engagement is the best way to grow and the more engagement you have, the better that you'll do.


Hmmm think this difficult find Facebook groups and ask for follow4follow


the best way to get 300 followers within 2 days is to just invest your money to buy steem power and then you can ask various bots to upload your post.

after this you can also re steem your post so that your post can be seen by lots and lots of users.

Not only this you can also invest money to make your post see in the promoted section.