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Which Proof-of-Algorithm is best for all types of usability and function in blockchain?

See by large the blockchains projects are adopting DPoS now a days keeping focus on scalability. However crypto community believe that scalability in DPoS is at the cost of decentralization to some extent. Where as a better sense of decentralization prevails in PoW. That is why the majors like BTC and ETH are still sticking with PoW. Where as the new generation cryptocurrency like EOS is pioneered with DPoS protocol when it comes to consensus algorithm. There is no doubt that a blockchain can scale tremendously with DPoS protocol and over last 5/6 year the scalability has been most debated topic and by large considered as a bottleneck for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

So as the efforts were being constantly made to enhance scalability and enchance the performance of dApps, the new blockchain projects started with DPoS and the scalability is really improved now. dApps are also having better performance and whenever the usability and functionality will com then the performance of dApps will play a vital role and the future generation blockchain will definitely focus more on scalability and dApps performances and in that sense the current blockchain projects are being developed. But at the same time it must be noted that the decentralization will always be there, other wise the blockchain will lose its generic value because blockchain is always with the spirit of decentralization. So DPoS may not be that centralized as PoW but when you try to strike a balance between usability and function and other aspects of its application part, then I think the proof of algorithm is no doubt is the DPoS algorithm which is best suited for what you asked here.