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Why the poorest people get into the trap of Payday Loans?

well.... the rich rarely have debt. The poor man is the one who depends on pay day loan because he doesn't have enough money to fit his bills. Sometimes it gets so bad that they can't repay the loans.


Life is really hard now especially for those who have no regularly source of income,I feel it's just a way for them to survive because sometimes you can't even see friends to borrow from.


The simple answer is they live from month to month.If you are living on a minimal wage you will struggle to make ends meet.

If a family earns $1000 dollars  a month and there bills and expenses are $1000 there is nothing to fall back on. A prime example is Christmas time and the start of  a school year when parents need to buy things for their children.

These are the most common instances when payday loans are required and put the family further into financial debt. It doesn't seem fair I know, but that is how these companies make their fortunes.


Great question bud.

As a person who has parents, uncles/aunts, neighbors, who were hit hard by this question. I have realized that these people fell into the trap of payday loans because :

- Their payday is enough for their living. There is only a little left to be spent on other things.

With loans, they can accumulate a sum of money which they can use without thinking of the cost of living. They can buy the things that they cannot buy with their regular paycheck.

As a result, they are forced to be trapped.


Slaves from the XXI century.

Not just the poorest, in the United States almost everybody have loans or credit cards to pay

I think that's the way capitalism makes people slaves from themselves. In communist countries the state decide for you, in capitalism you can't have the same, you need a tool to have slaves that's called Payday Loans or Credit Cards.

Like Uber or Glovo or Rappi, be your own work slave. You might think it's better at first and then you're trapped in a shitty job working in worst conditions than before. 

They are forced to be trapped. 

But hey! That is going to change with cryptos