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Why do you answer questions on musing.io?

I was introduced to musing.io through someone I follow on steemit called @meno, this guy said to me that if I have knowledge and like to answer questions then this is the place to be.

I didn't even know that musing.io existed until this point of time and all I have ever done is struggle to think of things to post, then musing came into my life and changed that for me.

I know don't have to think about what I need to post for myself I can just search through questions that people have already popped in place and find the ones that I know the answers too and I am away.

It has go that addictive to me that I am now on here more than I am on steemit, I have slacked of so much that I am thinking that I might have found my number one place to come to on the internet.

The upvotes on the questions are cool too, this is an added bonus to me and I think that they are fair with how much the mods up-vote the comments.

would I still be here with out the up-votes, well I would like to think that I would be as I am learning new things all the time from reading the answers that people have put, some can be a little tricky. 

The answer should be obvious right?

It's damn addictive, Had it been not so the largest question answer wont have 100M monthly visitors and gets valued at $1.8 Billion.

While it takes more brain power to research and answer questions than just watching LADBIBLE videos, it can feel just as rewarding.

Another reason I push myself to answer questions once it gets boring is because of the desire to set myself out as a thought-leader.. Experts arent those that know alot about the subject, experts are those that not only know the subject but are those shows their expertise.

And that is on a platform that doesnt pay me for good answers... Musing elevates the experience and put it on steroids..

Sadly many people have the wrong purpose of being on this platform.. Eventually low quality content have to be filtered and the overall quality of the platform gets increased by sheer user curation.
When i see an interesting question that i love so much or that i believe that i have knowledge

about i do always ensure that i answer the question because i have good knowledge about it

and also while answering the questions it also makes me excited especially when i know that

someone out there is going to learn from the answers which i gave to the questions asked by

the person,and knowing that i can still get some incentive for answering that question even makes it more beautiful..
First of all once you start answering you get addicted to it.
Secondly sharing knowledge is always good even it increases your own knowledge.
it enables to broaden my vision and i can get different point of view for a single problem/ question

To kill time while being productive on my account. I know I got some information stored at the back of my head learned for nothing until I find the right time to apply what I learned. Musing occasionally lets me flex my neurons while being an avenue to earn something and help my steem account grow. 

because i love answering question which i have knowledge and also you earn from it.
This is an interesting question to me. I myself am answering the questions from musing.io because I want to know my own ability and how much my ability to try to answer all the questions that sometimes I have learned although sometimes many I have to study .
There are many reasons why i answer questions on musing.io,though it is not all questions i do answer because there are many questions that i do not have answers to and that is why i do not even bother to answer any question or reply to them

Whenever i answer questions on musing.io it is simply because i feel that i have the right answer to the question and also i gladly answer the question because i know that i can even earn little money for sharing my knowledge on the platform

I will continue to answer questions on musing.io if the questions are good enough for me to answer and i said so because it is not all questions that are fit to be answered especially those questions that i do not understand