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How do I transfer my Steem to Steem power so that I can make others more dough?
You can do it very easily.. That's the beauty of steemit. Nothing is ever too hard
So now to come to what you have to do-

-Log Into your account.
-Go to your wallet.
-On the right side of "steem" it shows the amount you have. Tap/click on it and it will open a menu.
-Select power up option from there.
-Input the amount you want to use from what you have.
-Confirm transfer to vesting.
-Input your active/owner/master password if its asked to.
-click sign in.
And viola. you have successfully transferred steem to steem power aka vesting.
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You can transfer your steem to steem power very easy if you have steem in your steemit account you can follow steps:-
1)go to steemit
2)login to your account
3)go to wallet
4)click on steem
5)click on power up

this was the simple step you have to follow to convert your steem to steempower
steem had an option of power up , you can use it and ur steem power increase or you can select sell option, then a new tab opens with blocktrades where you get the option of which currency you want to sell select steem and enter quantity and on the other side you can see an option for which currency you get and you can select steem power here if you want to increase steem power and upvote yourself or you can buy delegate steem power for 90 days also where the power is in your account but not yours and you can upvote by that too,
Transferring steem to steempower is so very possible and the process you can use to achieve

that is called powering up,powering up enables you to convert your steem to steempower and

when you have more steempower your upvotes

will become more worthy and more effective on steemit,when you login into your steemit account

just click on “wallet” then when you get to your wallet,beside the steem you will see an arrow,click

the arrow and it will bring out several options,you can now click the “power up” button then the

steem will automatically be converted to steempower...

Also make sure that you have enough steem to be able to get enough steempower that will be

obviously effective when you are upvoting
Powering up is a long-term investment.
1)Imagine you have 10 steem coins, it would fetch you 20$ if you sell( lets assume 1 steem costs 2$). Now if you power up, the coins the coins are with you and you get more income or coins as curation reward. It's just like not eating the apple and making a tree out of its seeds.
2) Direct selling of steem coins would fetch would instant profits but it is a short time one.

Now to power up.
1) Login to your account.
2)Go to your wallet and convert your earning (SBD to STEEM) by clicking market in steem dollars.
3) Covert then to STEEM and click power.
The process is done.