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How come I have more Steem and now my vote counts for nothing?
I'm not sure why, but, at one point, I could vote on another persons content and at least get it to go up a few cents. Now, when my level is higher and I have almost twice as many Steem, I vote and nothing happens. What gives, I feel like I lost my mojo.

The value of Steem has dropped over the past few month, This means your Steem Power does not reward as high a value.

You can see a vote calculator here https://steemnow.com/upvotecalc.html

This will let you see how much your vote is worth.

As the price rises and falls this reflects the reward given to a post, Where previous 200 SP was needed to give a reward at the minimum threshold for a payout of 0.02c has now risen to approximately 500Sp to give the same reward.

To give the same reward now as in previous times you need a SP balance of about 2.5 x the amount previously needed.

I had a look to your wallet, If you convert your SBD to Steem and power up you will double the reward your vote gives, 


Good question and this is my answer/suggestion.

Having enough Steem doesn't necessarily mean your upvotes on people's post will be something. The reason is because Steem itself isn't what give you the the power to vote but your Steem Power (SP).

What is Steem?

> Steem is a tradeable token that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.

What is Steem Power (SP)

> Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.

In other words, Steem Power is your power to vote people's post. But your vote counts more when you have more Steem power. The more your Steem Power, the more your votes counts for something.


Your Steem can be of help to your Steem Power through what is called POWER DOWN. Power down is a process where you convert your Steem into Steem Power. The amount of Steem you use in powering down will be the equivalent to your Steem Power. So if you power down 100 Steem for example, you will have 100 Steem Power and that will also increase your votes from nothing to something


Its all to do with the current price of Steem. As the price of Steem decreases, then the ammount of your upvote will go down, and as the price of Steem goes up then the ammount of your upvote will go up.

I could go into more depth, but that is essentially how it works!


As steem the currency looses its value your vote value goes down. On todays date you need almost 1100 steem power to equal a $.01 upvote. That is very bad considering any comment that does not recieve at least $.03 does not get a payout and the vote is sent to the dustbin. 

Steem power is more but you are not getting upvotes more this is because of your content look at the content you are providing others to read.
There are chances of price fall of steem and this can be also reason but i do not think so this will be the reason because the persons upvotes will be in numbers not in dollars as you are not getting any upvotes.
So the one and only reason for this is your steem power is great but your post content is not attractive to audience so much that the place an upvote in your account.
Steemit is the blogging platform for good quality content not for the people just who are simply coming here and getting some steem power and writing useless thins and they thing they will get upvotes i know now there is tough competition between steemit and their users. They are promoting the good content who has good speech and pictures and as well as it should be fee audience to automatically upvote your post.
There are various possibilities here due to the different elements that affect an individual's upvote value:

* 1 Price of Steem: The value of Steem has reduced over 2018. When the Steem price goes down all vote values go down.

* 2 Voting power reduction: When you vote your voting power reduces and it takes time to recover. If you vote more than 10 times a day then your upvote value will be reduced until your voting power gets back to 100%.

* 3 Overall SP being used to vote increasing: There may be more Steem Power being used to vote in total than before. If the central Steemit team or large whales delegate more SP out to users then there could be more SP being actively used to vote overall (the central Steemit team does not vote). More SP being used to vote means each user's SP earns less of the reward pool.

* 4 Loss of Steem delegation: Each new user gets a delegation of SP on starting with the Steem blockchain (typically 15SP). However this delegation is removed over time. You may have earned some SP since starting but lost this initial delegation, offsetting your gain of SP.

Looking at your Steem wallet, since you started just before the high in the Steem Price, my guess is a combination of mainly 1 and 4.
There is 2 simple ways to give you an answer a Summary way, and a numerical way that would probably interest the geeks more so:

Ignoring Voting Power (which declines as you go from 100% down) and other common sense factors like the linear more SP = bigger upvote:

**ALL** the other Factors counts, not if, not sometimes, not maybe, not most likely, all counts:

- Steem Supply and Reward Pool
- Number Active Users generating number of Post and Upvotes
- Price of Steem and SBD

Here's a summary

More users post getting upvotes -> Your vote goes down
Less users post getting upvotes -> Your votes goes up
AKA When Lots of People Show Up, Everyone Gets A Smaller Slice of Cake

Steem/SBD price higher (more to share amongst poster) -> Your votes goes up
Steem/SBD price lower (less to share amongst poster) -> Your votes goes down
AKA When The Cake is Bigger, Everyone Gets a Bigger share

Technical Formulas:
....awww shit i'm not going to bore you with the formula, nobody (aka 99.99% of folks here won't read it anyways) so here's a link to calculate your current upvote power


You're not alone in these buddy, everyone is affected by the download spiral of the price of Steem.

The value of our votes is directly proportional to the market price of Steem, high price will mean high vote value while it goes the other away around when the price of Steem drop.

Let's just hope that it stops here and start bouncing back-up :)