What made you last this long?
Well, in life we've got to face some trials that are worst than expected and even some of them pushed us to the point of giving up, so I asked what made you last long as you go through all the cruelties in life. I'm sure no one is living a perfect life and I believe that every person alive been through some trials and challenges along the way. Life is a never perfect journey.
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I guess it's the challenge on being here in this platform is the one kept me motivated to stay and fullfil my goals.

Let me use a simple Steemit journey as an example for my idea about your question.

This same challenge that I will be talking about is the same reason that most newbies use as an excuse to stop posting and leave the platform.

It's the fact that earning a reward is such a hard work especially for those who barely knew anyone when they join the platform.

For those who doesn't like the feeling of going through a hardwork for you to get visibilty and earn ~ then to leave is probably the best thing for them to do. But for those who wanted to explore and aim to be successful amidst the difficulties then I would urge for them to stay and keep going. The rewards are sweeter with the success of this platform especially knowing that you were one who contributed to it.

 Our life is like an examination hall that life goes we faced the problem or difficulties on every step of life and sometimes we feel happiness around you. That's the life because without worries where not come happiness. There is happiness where is sadness. It's the most common thing in our lives.

In my life once I faced big trouble in my life and that was first and last tragedy. I was a very painful accident on bike but not I am much injured. I just thankful for God safe me during that problem. I always very thankful, because I know that God is always with me for saving my life.  

While to be honest in every aspect and and situation in our life we get to learn something and with those knowledge we get to move forward with the knowledge that we have gained. 

Besides there are few things that really made me come this far in my life

  • The will to Move Forward 

This is something which did made my journey much more easier and in times necessary the will power inside of me reminded me to go ahead and be the person that I want to be. While often in times there were situations that were tough to handle in-spite of that the will to go above and beyond have made me the person that I am now.

  • Support

While this is something really necessary in order to have the position that a person seeks. In various situations our mind tells us to stop and not go ahead or leave the dream that you want to achieve and as the situations gets tough we get to realize that this could be the end of the road. While at that point a supportive mind (Friends/Family/Loved ones) could really be helpful and even some words could really make that person realize that life is much more than living. Hard situations will come and overcoming those situations is sure the real deal for each and everyone of us.

  • Giving Value to Time

Every morning after waking up we have time for ourselves to make the change that we seek in our life. every minute that we use it properly will lead us to the point that we seek and this is how we can rise in our life from the point that we are. Every person has their own set of problems and giving value to time could solve those situations. Analyse those situations as every problem has a solution and find those points and work on those and give proper guidance to your life. Time & Tide wait for None. Do not waste the time that you have and input each and every second of your life  to make it productive and live every moments of your life. So that when you look back after 5-10 years than you do not have any regrets of these moments.

Don't Thrive for being Perfect thrive to do the best than you will ultimately become perfect at some point in your life.

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Because I am to stuborn to give up. Sometimes I just like to spit in lifes eyes as it keeps handing me more than I can handle. I just can not bring myself to give up. I am not a quiter. 

Indeed life is very dynamic, various the problems of life can happen. Factors and reasons for someone to survive are very varied. Some of the peoples surviving for life just because of love, family, children and so on. 

I believe that every living person will die. But in this life needs struggle. Struggle and survive in order to raise a family, especially children and wives. I will continue to fight so that my child and wife can feel the happiness of life. I don't care how bad and bitter this life is. The most important thing for me is that my child and wife can enjoy life like everyone else, in the sense of obtaining the right to live as a human being.

Their happiness is very important in my life. So for that reason I can survive until now. Even though I live in a country where currently the government as a state apparatus has never cared about the condition of its people.

But I believe that God never sleeps, God knows and is omnipresent. my duty as his servant is only trying to live and never forgets to pray for the happiness of life in the world and in the hereafter.


Life is all about challenges and if you don't face such you will find it boring.

This has been in existence facing trials and challenges. The step which every human have to take is to over come as they come your way and to believe in yourself that yes I can overcome such and stand out to be a winner

Awareness it’s ALL temporary.

 Because i see every situation as a challenge, what needs to be won. Losing is not a option or a idea to think about, it should never be considered in my library.
The only thing what i thought of is, how to over come the challenge i face. We always said, no matter what comes on your path, you have to face it, no matter what. If its needed to go threw the fire then do it, and if its needed to swim with sharks, then do it! Surrender or give up was never a option and im glad that this logic was the guideline i used. Or else it would have never brought me where i am on this day.
Failure is not falling down when you try, it's more like you will fail when you stop trying! Learn from every failure, then you will win the mistakes you made and that can make sure that you will never lose. This is my logic, i always win! 


I don't even consider why I have lasted this long. I have never considered giving up as there is way too much to live for. Only the weak people would consider just throwing it all in.

Each day brings new challenges and life hasn't been easy for me. I never cam from a rich family with loads of money and contacts. Others i feel have had it way easier with head starts in life. Everything I have achieved has been from the bottom.

Family is important and when you have  a strong bond you can achieve so much more. A close knit family will stick together and work through things. They support each other and never get down.

Taking things slowly and building on one day at a time. i never started off owning two houses but I do now. It was a gradual process of chipping away at small things until they become a little bigger and clearer.

When other families were going on holidays I was at work because I couldn't afford those luxuries. I wasn't jealous as i knew what i had to do. It is not fun but you have  a sense of achievement.

I have a internal flame that drives me to go harder and further than most people. It is this inward strength that moves me each day to do a little more than others around me. I love life and i have so much to do and live for.

I've had it harder than many, and many have had it much harder than me.

Giving up has never been an option for me. 

I remember once when I was homeless, and it was early winter. Conditions were far too cold to survive outside properly, without extreme fatigue and wear.

This particular night, I was trying to get a little sleep, while freezing. I dozed off for a bit, and woke in a terrible shiver. It was not what I would consider normal shivering. My entire body was convulsing, and I felt extremely weak, and could not think straight. 

I had an epiphany moment while this was happening. It was the realization that my body was entering hypothermia and I knew that I needed to start moving immediately to get my blood pumping.

Upon realizing this, a will that I couldn't seem to fight kicked in, it was the instinctual will to survive, and I started walking, and warming up. Eventually, I was out of this state, having walking until the sun came up, and heated the day. I was then able to get a little rest, but it still was not easy.

I tell this story, because I think it's fitting for your question. I believe I was in that situation to begin with because of somewhat giving up on myself, but something kept me going, and that was only one instance where I experienced profound incidences where I needed to dig deep. The thought that fuels this, is my duty to fathership, and the will to be a good dad. Whenever I feel like giving up, my children come to mind, and my strength is restored. It is not a choice, I am blessed to have a profound driving force. 


Compared to what you describe here, my life has been relatively calm and easy. Yes, there's been plenty of stress and frustration, but has life been cruel? Not yet. I do not wish that on me or on anyone, but if it does come to that, I will try to get through as best I can just as I have with my life so far.

Here's how.


I am a person who can be alone for long periods of time, but that's knowing that I have family that I love and who love me. I don't think it would be the same without my wife, sons, and now their families.

I believe my wife and I were able to raise two sons who have become husbands and fathers in their own right, who love their families and are willing to do what is necessary to guide and support them. This is a source of great strength for me. We can all rely on each other to get ourselves through.


I believe that this life is not all there is. That gives me a different view of what this life is about and what is truly important. My beliefs have helped me stay out of places where the risk of danger is higher, and it has steered me down a path that is perhaps less exciting to some, but more meaningful and happier.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I am not always kind, or patient. But those are all things I am trying to improve upon because of my beliefs. I hope to continue to be better than I was the day before. I've found that as I try to be a better person, it gets easier to avoid many pitfalls that can bring people down.


Because of family and faith, I have purpose. I have more than just a reason to exist. I have reasons to fight through adversity and pain. I have a direction to go in. I know that most things can be weathered since I have lived long enough to know that things can get better.

This all gives me a reason to live and to keep trying to improve and grow.


Life isn't fair. There's always going to be someone with more. That also means that someone will have less. I figure as long as I'm somewhere in the middle, that I will always have more to aspire to, but also much to be grateful for.

I try to take control of those things that I can and should, leave alone what isn't mine, and give up those things that I can't possibly handle on my own. In doing so, I have managed to get through stretches of turmoil and uncertainty.


Life is a series of second chances and opportunities for failure, growth and success. We must take the hand we're dealt and do the best we can with it, even if that isn't a lot. Maybe our children, or our grandchildren will be able to lead the better life because of our struggles and sacrifice. It this world were all that there was, well maybe that would be a tragedy, but even so, good would come out of it.

The adage Rome wasn't built in a day applies to life. We don't know where it's going to go until we get there. There's no need to give up until our very last breath. Until then, I hope with family, faith, purpose and perspective to make it all the way through, one day at a time.

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Will power 

The fear that people are looking up to me 

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